Get rich with your Android and these games (yes, in a virtual world)

Get rich with your Android and these games (yes, in a virtual world)

Devices like lead the gaming market , which business simulators with which you can get rich (in a virtual world) .

Nowadays there are a lot of simulators, like those that put you in the skin of a pilot. However, business simulation games are a fun way for the user to fully immerse themselves in a particular profession or field that would be within their reach in real life, such as building a building or creating a video game company.

So that you can train and earn a fortune, we have compiled several business simulation games for Android that will make your current account (the virtual one) increase considerably in a short time.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch

Rollercoaster Tycoon is one of the most mythical PC simulators, which is available on Android with a more updated version. The game mechanics are simple, the user must create, customize and run his own empire of amusement parks while filling his pockets with money .

The game has more than 250 attractions, including roller coasters, restaurants, shops and decorations for the user to build the park of their dreams. Complete daily quests and weekly challenges to get rewards and improve your park, keep your visitors happy and earn more money. The title is completely free on Android, although it has ads.

Download Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt puts you in the shoes of a mayor who has to design and create his own city full of life . The user makes all decisions as the city grows, and must keep its citizens happy and maintain the growth of skyscrapers. In his role as mayor, the user must also trade, chat, compete and join clubs with friends .

Building skyscrapers, monuments, factories and much more , the goal is to become one of the best mayors and get rewards that can be used for the city . In addition, placing buildings strategically keeps the flow of taxes and growth. The game is free but requires a permanent connection to the Internet.

Download SimCity BuildIt

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story allows the player to create and manage their own video game company . The objective of this title is simple: try to create a game that gets millions of sales . Here the user takes the role of the CEO of a videogame development studio, who will have to work hard to reach the top of the industry.

A degree in which becoming a multimillionaire is possible, but it is not an easy path . The game covers a period of time of more than 20 years and is quite complex, since as CEO you must hire and supervise the staff, find out the types of games that could succeed or study in which areas of development the funds should be invested, Among other functions. The game can be purchased for 2.49 euros .

Download Game Dev Story

Office Space: Idle Profits

Office Space: Idle Profits is an ideal simulation game for lovers of classic comedy . The game puts us in the shoes of a disgruntled employee of Initech, a company that announces imminent layoffs. The character needs a plan to take revenge on the company, so he associates with Peter, Samir and Michael to install a virus on the company’s central computer that, without anyone noticing, will scratch a few pennies from each department to enter them in your retirement account .

A simulator that will help to increase your virtual current account little by little and in an honest way, although it is undetectable. Revenge is a dish that is served cold, and this fun simulator shows it to perfection. The game can be downloaded for free , although some additional items can be purchased with real money.

Download Office Space: Idle Profits

Township – Farm and City

Get rich with your Android and these games (yes, in a virtual world)

Township is a simulator that uniquely combines the urban and rural world . The player must build the city of his dreams by harvesting crops, processing them in buildings and selling products to develop his city. With the money that is obtained, the user can invest it to open cafeterias, restaurants and other community buildings to give vidilla to his city.

You can also explore the mine to get resources and find old pieces, or run your own zoo and fill it with animals from around the world. Everything is possible to become one of the richest builders on the planet. The game is free but also has some items that can be purchased with real money.

Download Township – Farm and City

The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent is a simulation game about censorship that takes place in a post-war country , which is ruled by the recently elected Leal Party and takes measures to censor the press. The user assumes the role of editor of one of the last independent newspapers in the country, and his job is none other than to eliminate and edit the content of the pages of the newspaper , which affects the opinion of both the rebels and the legitimist government of the people .

But leaning too much to both sides can have serious consequences, so you have to go with feet of lead. This simulator is available for download for a price of 0.99 euros and will let you know what it feels like to run an important newspaper.

Download The Westport Independent

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