Get Earnings with Innovative GifCoin

Get Earnings with Innovative GifCoin

Known as a new toe based on ethereal the gifco is preparing to implement an ICO event very soon. Through this event, the team aims to accumulate the funds that it will use to develop its online gaming platform VitalBet, which is currently successfully operating its operations.

The online gaming industry has continued to add strength to the power of the Internet as it becomes increasingly popular in our lives. In 2016, the sector has gained a total of $ 484 billion in earnings, and in 2017 it surpassed $ 500 billion. It would not be wrong to say that there are many sub-sectors that share this great cake from the online game industry. The sports betting sector can also be expressed as one of the sectors receiving this pastry share. This sub-sector, in 2016, reached $ 212 billion in annual income, which exceeded the year of $ 220 billion.

Get Earnings with Innovative GifCoinThe widespread availability of Internet facilities has led to an increase in the number of Internet users. This means that the population of people who regularly use the internet every day and integrate internet use into their everyday lives is climbing up. Moreover, many countries, such as the United States, have recently increased the credibility of the industry by putting regulations in place for online gaming. Based on all these developments and statistical evidence, the online gaming industry, and hence the online sports betting sector, will grow to the end. It is anticipated that this giant sector will grow at a maximum growth rate of 3.3% per annum by 2020, reaching an annual profit of 600 billion USD.

Based on the long-running online gaming platform, the gifco allows project users to take advantage of the profit margins in this sector. Unlike other ICO projects, they continue to work, the gifco aims to provide unique profit opportunities for project users.

I The online gaming platform has a turnover of $ 7.3 million per year and has already generated net revenues of $ 3.3 million for its users. The site, which currently has about twenty thousand active users, has begun to accept BitCoin on payments made on the platform since the second quarter of the year. It is aimed to further develop the platform shown in a respectable place among the sites operating in the sector. The GifCoin project is conducting an ICO project to collect funds to be used in this direction. Gripcoin owners will be given a certain share of the annual profits of the VitalBet platform during the project. Moreover, the amount to be distributed to investors will constitute a percentage of eighty percent of the annual profit rate. This figure, which seems to be quite impossible at first glance, can be considered fairly normal considering the team that aims to grow both sides.

Each member of the team behind the GifCoin project has a difficult expertise to access in their area. It can be safely said that the team-building professionals have a very strong accumulation in online games, sports market, blockchain development, branding, marketing, odds, electronic sports and sales partnership.

The team said it would use its funds to develop the VitalBet platform through ICO. The team who wants to develop an innovative mobile app for Platforma plans to take this brand even further. In this respect, it is aimed to become one of the leading platforms benefiting from this sector which is growing billions of dollars each year.

Investors participating in ICO event to be held nearby GIF The coins will be the owners. It is possible to participate in ETH, BTC and LTC currencies with a total of 300 billion GIF Coin present. The lower limit of the project was 5000 ETH and the upper limit was 24,000 ETH. The amount of GIF coin to be presented against 1 ETH is 16,000. The team, which sells 10 million GIF coins in a special session, will invest in different bonus opportunities at various stages of ICO.

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Get Earnings with Innovative GifCoin

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