Gay Pride Day 2018: the best Apps to find LGTBI partner


Today is the Gay Pride Day 2018 , one of the most colorful and fun celebrations of the national scene, with Madrid as one of the best cities to celebrate this day. Who knows, maybe today is the right day to meet someone special, and if you walk in a festival or ride or just want to meet new people, here are some of the applications to find a partner within the LGBTI community.

We must remember that today, June 28, is a day in which the riots in Stonewall, New York are commemorated, and that marked the beginning of a new era and a movement in favor of homosexual liberation.

1. Jack’d: meet the ideal boy very close to you

If we want to meet guys with either romantic intentions to be simply and have a good time, Jack’d is an app to take into account.

Gay Pride Day 2018: the best Apps to find LGTBI partner

This application is based on the geolocation to show us the people who are closest to us and has a user base of more than 5 million children. If you go to any of the events or celebrations of gay pride day 2018, it is very possible that you match other users of the application with the same interests as you.

Jack’d allows to use numerous filters search based on age, height, weight or race, and we can even choose based on the number of photos uploaded in the user profile. The application includes the ability to chat with those users who are to our liking and exchange photos with them.

Jack’d has only one drawback, and that is that it is of payment . Here you can download Jack’d for iOS Y Jack’d for Android .

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2. Grindr: one of the most famous apps for this Gay Pride Day 2018

Grindr is one of the most classic apps in the world when it comes to meet and connect with new people. It has two million users in 196 countries and the variety of profiles is more than guaranteed.

Gay Pride Day 2018: the best Apps to find LGTBI partner

Thanks to Grindr we can meet gays, bisexuals and curious people by selecting them tribes or sexual archetype (Bear, Otter, discreet, Athlete, Young, etc) and we will have the possibility to chat with them, share photos, save favorite profiles and block people with whom we do not want to contact.

The application itself is free, but it includes ads and only lets us access 100 profiles. If we pay for the full version (Grindr XTRA), the ads are removed and we will have access to 600 profiles. Grinder is one of the most formal applications to link, so nudity is not allowed and you must be of legal age to use it. Download here Grindr for Android Y Grindr for iOS .

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3. Her: meeting the girl of your dreams

The 2018 Gay Pride Day they also have the right to know someone special, and for this there are applications like Her , intended for women who seek to meet other women or bisexual women.

Gay Pride Day 2018: the best Apps to find LGTBI partner

Her is a more generic application than the previous ones, since it not only serves to link, but also to find friendships and keep up to date with all the news and news from the LGBTI community.

It is, therefore, a kind of social network that allows us to meet people with similar tastes. One of its points in favor is that it has an option called “Relationship Mode” that allows us to make clear from the beginning that we are not looking for a partner or any type of sexual encounter, which helps to avoid misunderstandings. Therefore, Her gives us great flexibility according to our interests and allows you to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with other girls similar to you.

You can download so much Her for iOS as Her for Android in the highlighted links. It’s free but to chat with other users you need to pay.

4. Moovz: the Facebook of the LGBTI community

Moovz is more a social network than an app to link, but everything is possible this Gay Pride Day 2018.

This application includes gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual users from around the world and allows us to meet other people, chat with them, make publications and even see who is close to us if we allow them to use the GPS of our smartphone. As if that were not enough, the visual design of the application is the best that can be found.

Moovz is available for Android , but we can also download Moovz for iOS . Who knows, maybe this Gay Pride Day 2018 you can meet someone interesting thanks to Moovz.

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