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Garrett Camp is making crypto money from Uber’s founders

Garrett Camp, one of Uber’s founding partners and one of the richest top 50 names in the world of technology with nearly $ 5 billion in wealth, crypto money unit to the global trading market. ECO is designed as a digital currency that can be used in everyday life all over the world.

The Camp, which has traveled to Africa for a while, has been here for the past few months I Ethereum and Bitcoin has drafted a digital currency that is claimed to be capable of solving some of the problems faced by resident crypto players.

Garrett Camp is making crypto money from Uber's founders

The code development work of the project is still in its infancy.

When asked why he wanted to create a new crypto money instead of supporting the existing crypt money to the Camp, he said:

“I’ve done a lot of research, and I did not want to buy any of them from really loaded quantities. I noticed that a lot of universities, scientists, and research institutes might be better off with a different philosophical view of a new project with the business association – like the internet. ”

What does ECO promise?

According to the first technical document issued to the market for the examination of the Kamo, ECO will solve the questions in the field of cryptography as follows:

Security: According to the technical document, the platform will benefit from “approved nodes” to approve transactions. A node on this node can independently approve operations.

Price regulation: ECO will offer users an ICO volume of $ 1 trillion to attract more investors. On this note, the dollar conversion rate for this currency is likely to be small, so ECO will be a favored investor-friendly option.

Accessibility : ECO will provide high availability with web and smartphone applications.

ECO also aims to save energy by eliminating the use of miners in the ecosystem.

In the coming months, we will start working with some of the world’s leading universities and some research institutes. In addition, the platform will use a model that will award a prize to each participant who runs the ECO node to confirm financial transactions.

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