Garden on your terrace, the best and simplest ideas to do it

If you have a place outside at home, do not hesitate to make a garden on your terrace. Since the benefits of having plants in the home are many. It transcends the decoration. And we will teach you how you can do one yourself in very simple steps.

Benefits of having a garden on your terrace

  • You take care of the environment.
  • You get flowers to decorate.
  • You can pick up food or herbs .
  • You can create more lit areas and areas with shadows.
  • You will be physically and mentally more active when taking care of your garden.
  • The vegetation it gives us some peace and tranquility, therefore, stress levels are reduced.
  • You transform it into an extension of the house and thus you add atmospheres and enjoy them.
  • You can cover structural defects of the property. For example: unpainted walls, bad terminations and everything that a plant can cover.

Aspects to keep in mind before building our garden

The best way to take advantage of these outdoor spaces is to make a garden in it. First let’s consider a couple of details:

1. Take care of the climatic factors

Garden on your terrace, the best and simplest ideas to do it

When you are out in the open you should take care of the plants of the sun and the wind. To protect them you can do several things:

  • Place a lattice with vines. Some give beautiful flowers.
  • You can opt for tall plants in pots. These will be a natural barrier against sun and wind.
  • Place heather cloth on one or more walls.

2. Choose the right plants

It is important to advise us about the care of plants that we are going to choose. We should know:

  • If you can be in the sun all day.
  • Amount of water they need.
  • How often should they be watered?
  • Special care they may require.

Ideas to build a garden on your terrace

We will give you some simple ideas that you can make with few elements and make your terrace look amazing and you can enjoy it like never before.

1. Many small pots

Garden on your terrace, the best and simplest ideas to do it

To start with this project it is convenient to put several pots not so large and distribute them.

  • It is easier to take care of them.
  • You can have a greater variety of plants and flowers .
  • You can change them more easily.

2. Make your own pergola

With some disused metal structure and a climbing plant you can have your own pergola . Some plants give beautiful flowers. Your terrace will look like a dream garden.

3. Use wood and stones to make the garden of your terrace look better

Garden on your terrace, the best and simplest ideas to do it

To decorate you can use stones of different sizes and in different places. You can build paths or furrows delimited with them.

The combination with dark wood is excellent. Especially when contrasting with the green vegetation. You can use wood in furniture, floor and decorate terrace walls.

4. Decorate the walls

If you want to give a different touch to this decoration, you should not overlook the walls. It will totally change the place if you pay attention to these details.

  • A fashionable option is to place cane as a fence. They look beautiful and serve to divide and give privacy if you do not have dividing walls.
  • Make a vertical garden with pots. You can place them the way you like them and combine them with hanging plants and vines.
  • Another option is to place wood as shelves and pots there.

5. Floors

Do not miss this detail. You can make some simple change and change the aesthetics of the place.

  • One option is to place artificial turf. Change the color of the terrace. It also helps you lower the temperature in summer.
  • Stones Make paths with small stones and delimit them with larger ones.
  • In a corner, make a mini-garden.
  • Place wood in some sectors of the floor.

6. Reuse old furniture

Garden on your terrace, the best and simplest ideas to do it

If you like what vintage , nothing better than an old garden game to decorate and use. You can also put some old furniture. You varnish it and fill it with pots with colorful flowers.

7. Water sources

They look beautiful in a corner decorated with stones and wood. It is always best to place them near the electricity outlet to hide the cables.

The sound of falling water will transport you and fill you with peace. You will want to arrive at your house and go up to your terrace to feel that tranquility.

8. Lights for the garden on your terrace

The special touch for your summer nights. In the market you find the most varied types of lights. Place strings from one end to the other of a wall and there you are placing the lighting to your liking. It will look amazing.

If you have a terrace or a balcony, follow these steps. You will gain an environment that will fill you with life and connect you with nature.

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