Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT limited edition [Price+Features]

Note8 Limited Edition

The sale of the new Galaxy Note8 Limited Edition (Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT) began with the artwork of Han Seung-Woo. You can watch the pictures of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT limited edition [Price+Features]

As the name suggests, the new Galaxy Note8 comes in a limited edition of 99 units. In addition, users will receive a protective cover design and a signature for the artist in the interior and a printout of 69 inches at 45 centimeters. Each of these 99 devices has a 8-digit number that shows its validity.

In addition to using a special design, the new model has been developed with a 256GB internal memory and a black (Midnight Black) notebook that can be bought by its customers at a price of $1,830 through the Samsung website. The supply of X 99 AVANT will only be limited to the South Korean market. In the following, you can see images of the new Galaxy Note 8 X 99 AVANT Limited Edition.

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