Galaxy Note 9: central fingerprint reader and headphone jack


We continue with the leaks regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a terminal, which at this rate, will not have much mystery when it is presented on August 9 in New York. Yesterday we showed you what appeared to be the first official render of the Galaxy Note 9 , and today a new leak shown on Twitter by Slashleaks It confirms what we had already seen from the back of the device.

Samsung has wanted to be conservative with its series 9, of this there is no doubt, and although many users and foreigners criticize this position, the truth is that the 8 series set the bar very high and it is not essential to completely change the design of the high range every year to make a good phone.

Samsung retains all the ports in its Galaxy Note 9

Yesterday we talked about how the front of Samsung’s next super phablet inherited some design lines practically traced to those of its predecessor, with a slightly higher and narrow screen and a slightly reduced bottom edge as the only appreciable differences.

Galaxy Note 9: central fingerprint reader and headphone jack

The back of the Galaxy Note 9 follows the same fate as the Galaxy S9, so it is identical to the Galaxy Note 8, with the exception that the fingerprint reader happens to be located of the photographic sensors, which are still two and are still in horizontal position. In this way the fingerprint reader becomes more accessible and ergonomic, something that had been criticized in both the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8.

The last leak we are talking about, although it may seem superfluous, confirms several things. The first is that you can not expect a fingerprint reader under the screen in the Galaxy Note, something that will come with the Galaxy S10, on the other hand, also allows us to confirm that the Galaxy Note 9 will be quite conservative in its connectivity section, since apart from the USB port type C, it retains also the headphone jack, located on the left side of the lower side, so the gap for the S-Pen does not change place either.

Galaxy Note 9: central fingerprint reader and headphone jack

The new filtered image matches what we already showed this case for the Galaxy Note 9.

As we say, it is a fairly conservative design, but Samsung can afford to do nothing particularly revolutionary in terms of design when it has the phablet with the best screen on the market, the ROM with more added functions for productivity and a S-Pen that this year promises to arrive loaded with news . In summary, Samsung is enough to refine the Galaxy Note 8 to make a good smartphone, and everything points to that is what they have done.

For the rest, the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to arrive with a processor Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 According to the market, 6 GB of RAM (you can expect a version with 8 GB) and a storage minimum of 64 GB that could reach the 512 GB in some markets .

Galaxy Note 9: central fingerprint reader and headphone jack

Not much is known about the photographic section of the Galaxy Note 9, but everything points to the resolution of the cameras would remain 12Mpx in the back and 8 Mpx in the front. The factory operating system would be Android Oreo 8.0 and autonomy would be assured thanks to a supposed battery of 4000 mAh . On August 5 we will leave doubts.

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