From now on, only administrators will decide who writes in the WhatsApp groups


No more use Whatsapp as we did until now. For some time now, those responsible for the messaging application have been worrying about giving a special power to the administrators of the WhatsApp groups. The thing has reached such a point that they can decide who writes in the groups of the application from the settings of the conversation.

At the end of last year Whatsapp began to leave in the hands of administrators great apart from the decisions that will be carried out in the chats of the messaging app. At that time, administrators were granted the possibility of assigning rights to other members of a WhatsApp group to change the theme, the icon and the description of the group. A short time later, the creator of the group was given power to Degrade the rest of the WhatsApp administrators in order to get full control of the chat.

Today the team behind the app goes a step further and changes the way we all use WhatsApp.

Choosing who writes in the WhatsApp groups

From today, according to reports WaBetaInfo , WhatsApp is deploying for all iOS users and the new feature called “Send messages”. This tool is nothing more than the power that is given to the administrator to disable the chat functions of a WhatsApp group . That is, when “Only administrators” is selected for the Send messages option, the rest of users will not be able to send text messages, images, videos, voice messages, or any other type of file.

From now on, only administrators will decide who writes in the WhatsApp groups

This possibility will be activated and deactivated from your own WhatsApp group settings , where the administrator must choose whether to let all the members of the group participate in the conversation or, on the contrary, only administrators can write. This possibility of participation in the group can be changed without limitations.

In the event that you are not an administrator and the possibility of participating in the chat has been “cached”, the text entry bar will disappear.

From now on, only administrators will decide who writes in the WhatsApp groups

If you want to send something very important in the group, Whatsapp gives you the possibility to communicate with administrators to request that this option be temporarily deactivated or that they write the message in your name.

WhatsApp channels

The fact that only administrators can write to a WhatsApp group It obviously reminds us of the Telegram channels, where no channel member, with the exception of the administrator, can send messages. It seems that this is going to convert some of the groups of the messaging app in a short time.

This novelty is beginning to arrive in the version of Whatsapp 2.18.201 (available soon for Android) and the update of 2.18.70 of WhatsApp for iPhone .

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