Free Bitcoin Giving Sites

Ofir Beigel from site has published a nice research article about Bitcoin Faucets (Bitcoin Faucets) with a question that many people have been wondering in the past days. Shortly for those who do not know, these taps, which can be summarized as “the way to win a free bitcoin without mining”, are systems that give bitcoin at the MBTC level to anyone who takes the required steps for the sites that provide this service.
Before Bitcoin reaches its current value, we can say that the amount of bitcoin distributed since 2010, which is the only site that gives 5 BTC for a single transaction, has changed a lot. Here is a screenshot from that time. In 2010 you could only get 5 BTC by entering the Captcha code.

Free Bitcoin Giving Sites

Although these benefits are not possible anymore, we also publish a list of sites that may be interested in collecting bitcoins by doing small things. Almost all of the sites listed in this list are actively working as of the date of publication. There is also a warning on the same news. It is not recommended that you use your computer to download any programs or use compulsory downloads. We believe that anyone who knows the risks of the Bitcoin world will act accordingly.

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