Fortnite starts its Halloween event with zombies, new weapons and skins

Fortnite starts its Halloween event with zombies, new weapons and skins

. The star of Epic Games has not taken long to publicize all the details of the event, which is already available and that incorporates a mode with zombies, new weapons and skins .

“Shelter in the shadows to scare your rivals and rise with the masterful victory, or face terrifying shells to complete the new weekly missions. The darkness has resurfaced . “, They announce in the post.

Zombies, new weapons and the suit Deadly shot

During Fortnite: Nightmare before the storm the players of the Battle Royale mode will have to face a new threat: a kind of zombies, which the game has named as cube monsters . Along the map, users can find new weapons to deal with these creatures, such as a six-round revolver and the crossbow of the fighter , although they are also a good time to get loot.

The Fortnite Halloween event also adds new skins, such as the new Deadly Shot costume . It is a reactive garment that has a progression within the game. That is, the suit will show two different styles depending on the damage that the user inflicts on the enemies and according to how much they hold in the game.

Deadly shot also includes the captive Cube backpacker accessory and the Dark Fragment peak . You can also unlock the dark locomotive delta wing , but to do so players must complete a series of challenges : destroy cube monsters, inflict damage to cube monsters with assault rifles or pistols, visit a corrupted area in different games and dance in front of different gargoyles.

As the days go by, new challenges and rewards will be added. In the store it is also possible to get some shudders during the course of the event thanks to the sweets , the specific coins of the Halloween event.

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