Fortnite reaches version 4.4: these are the news


Fortnite , the popular survival game that this summer should reach Android He has been inactive for a few hours this morning. The reason for this small break was not the time to implement a new update that takes the game to version 4.4 and that would be focused on implementing some new weapons designed to create more dynamic and exciting games.

Version 4.4 of Fortnite comes with a new type of grenades and a “nerfeo” of the rockets, focused both to give new twists to the end of the games, something that many players could thank.

Let’s welcome the “smelly” pomegranate

One of the novelties that comes with the latest update of Fortnite is the stink gained. This grenade has the power to create a gas cloud that causes 5 points of damage every half second, so if we manage to retain our enemies in a closed area with the active grenade, we can make a total of 45 points of damage during the 9 seconds in duration who has this new weapon.

Fortnite reaches version 4.4: these are the news

The stinking grenades arrive at Fortnite as rarities, so it will not be usual to see them very often in the games, although the way to get them is the usual, since we can find them in chests, floor booties and vending machines.

In regard to the dynamics of these grenades, is identical to the other grenades of the game, so they will arrive in packs of 3 grenades and we can store a maximum of 5 packages.

Fortnite moderates the use of rockets

Fortnite wants to control the abusive use of the rockets and for this has adopted some measures that would try to avoid the abuse of them in the final phase of the games.

Fortnite reaches version 4.4: these are the news

To do this, Fortnite will increase the missile’s recharge times depending on its rarity, while also limiting the maximum number of missiles we can equip. Now, the maximum number of rockets that we can take the time is reduced to 12, so they reduce the famous “rains of rockets” that have been so popular in the game to disgrace some users.

Final Fight: Teams of 20, a new game mode

Apart from grenades and the limitation of the use of rockets, version 4.4 includes a new game mode called Final Fight: Teams of 20 , which takes the form of a standard BR (Battle Royale) game with the peculiarity that the storm stops decreasing after the third circle.

Fortnite reaches version 4.4: these are the news

When this happens, a novelty begins countdown, that when it’s over, it will give as a winner the team that has more members standing.

These are the most important changes that the v4.4 of Fortnite , if you are users of this game, do not hesitate to leave us your impressions about these news.

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