Fortnite reaches 125 million players, what will happen when I get to Android?

Fortnite reaches 125 million players, what will happen when I get to Android?

Fortnite is getting closer to Android . We already know what they are, and the company itself. But despite not being available yet on the most widely used mobile platform in the world, Fortnite continues to be successful , and consolidating its position as the number 1 game of the year.

The latest feat achieved by Epic Games, the creators of the popular “Battle Royale” , has been to achieve the 125 million players in Fortnite around the world. This, however, leads us to think how far the game could go once it is available for a good portion of theevery day.

125 million people already play Fortnite, less than a year after its launch

Fortnite Battle Royale was launched to the world in September 2017, exactly nine months ago to this day. Since then, this very famous “Battle Royale” has already gone around the world, placing itself as the most played game on the main console and desktop platforms thanks, above all, to its format Free to Play and the dynamism of the games, two clear advantages over PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, the main competitor of the game of Epic Games, which since the beginning of the year suffers a massive loss of players.

Although in January the developer announced that the game had already been downloaded more than 45 million times, now, in the middle of June, the numbers have multiplied and there are already 125 million – and rising – people who have been thrown into the void from the Fortnite flying bus , as your own point

Fortnite reaches 125 million players, what will happen when I get to Android?

At the time these lines are written, Fortnite is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Nintendo Switch platforms. So the question that comes to mind is what will happen when Epic Games announces the possibility of download Fortnite for Android .

Most likely, the already high figure of 125 million players multiplies , and Fortnite continue to break records thanks to the arrival of the game to the predominant mobile platform worldwide – to put the figures in perspective, it is necessary to take into account that today Fortnite is played by half of the people that League of Legends when it reached its highest point, and even exceeds in players to Grand Theft Auto V Online-. However, some people think that Fortnite’s success is temporary , and that your arrival on Android occurs too late , with which its landing would suppose the beginning of the decline of Fortnite in the same way that it has happened with PUBG. The answer, I’m afraid, is only a few weeks of waiting. In the meantime, What do you think will happen after the arrival of Fortnite on Android?


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