Fortnite is not the game of the year on YouTube, and it's a 2011 title that keeps sending

Fortnite is not the game of the year on YouTube, and it's a 2011 title that keeps sending

Yesterday the Google guys assumed the error and they put remedy,

It explained Ryan Wyatt, director of content ‘gaming’ on YouTube, in a statement which can also draw very interesting conclusions … The first, because Fortnite is not number one on YouTube and exceeds a game of 2011 in both quantity of content as in visualizations.

And is that despite the huge pull of

Fortnite is not the game of the year on YouTube, and it's a 2011 title that keeps sending

The popular game of blocks and survival with pixelated aesthetics and infinite gameplay continues to command on YouTube because it still captures the attention of younger players. Not in vain, the figures do not lie, with a record of nearly 75 million active players in December of last year, for the 3 and a half million simultaneous players that Fortnite achieved as its historic high a few months ago:

It is true that Fortnite has contributed greatly to the growth in video games, but Minecraft is still our biggest game in the world. Fortnite has not taken off completely in all markets.

Ryan Wyatt, director of gaming content on YouTube

Minecraft is a giant, although the greatest differentiation is in the markets

It is true that Minecraft is still playing tens of millions of people every day, and it is also true that the game created by Markus “Notch” Persson continues to grow despite having decelerated in recent times.

The great secret is that Minecraft is always alive , because eight years later it continues to be updated with new content that keeps the interest of users who already enjoy the infinite freedom of the game to do what they want.

However, from YouTube they say that the biggest differences are between markets , because tastes are certainly not the same in Asia, in North America or in Europe. In fact, in Asia and the Middle East the games that triumph are those of the MOBA type -Multiplayer Online Battle Arena- such as Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, less representative titles in Western markets:

To look only from the prism of Fortnite is something that we only do in the West, because we are too attentive to how big Fortnite is. However, when you start to analyze other regions, we are detecting a massive growth in categories of mobile video games that are poorly represented in Western Europe or the United States.

We believe that there are things happening outside our markets that make the YouTube games section grow, especially with titles that are underestimated.

Ryan Wyatt, director of gaming content on YouTube

Undoubtedly interesting the analysis of YouTube guys , especially by these last words indicating that we look too much at specific phenomena such as Fortnite that succeed in our markets, without looking around or titles like Minecraft that, literally, continue to petar .

And you, do you play Minecraft or Fortnite? Have you ever uploaded a ‘gameplay’ to YouTube?

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