Fortnite for Android, 3 things that you will not like

Fortnite for Android, 3 things that you will not like

I have a theory that the day it comes out, the structure that supports Internet at a global level will break and stop working. There are thousands, million people waiting for the blissful Battle Royale cartoon from Epic Games , and although the hype is through the roof, today I would like us to put our feet on the ground and be realistic. I have tried Fortnite on an iPhone 8 Plus and the computer, and I have played many, many, many hours to tell you that, although you really want to have it on your mobile, it will not be all that glitters .

There are a number of things that you will not like Fortnite , and I want you to be very aware that the gaming experience you see in the YouTube gameplays has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re going to have on Android. They are completely different platforms , and that, when playing a couple of hours playing, it shows. But let’s get to the point. What is not going to like Fortnite for Android?


What you will not like about Fortnite

1. It may not work on your mobile (or do not do it too well)

Fortnite for Android, 3 things that you will not like

This is something that you must take into account, and that is Fortnite is not Pokémon GO nor any casual game you may have on your mobile. The Battle Royale of Epic Games is a heavy game (weighs no more or less than 2 GB on iPhone) that, although its graphics are cartoon, has a lots of animations . You know what happens in the mid-range and low-end terminals when you install a game like that, right? If you have tried PUBG you will know what I mean. The game goes well on the iPhone 8 Plus, although when you’re in a frantic fight you get the odd pull . Imagine this in a mid-range Android.

To give you an idea, the most sold mobile phones in Spain in 2017 were, according to the latest data, the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), the J3 (2017), the Huawei P8 Lite, the Galaxy J7 (2017) and the iPhone 7. Of the 10 that make up the list, only half are in the compilation of, and the three best sellers are not among them. Does that mean you can not play Fortnite? No, but it does mean that you can expect tugs, lag, and frame drops.

To this you must add that the studio responsible for bringing Fortnite to Android is Tencent , the same one that PUBG did. How is PUBG on Android? Nothing more to add. The version for iOS has been developed, on the other hand, it has been developed by Epic Games.

2. Fortnite for mobile is not, by far, the same as in PC

Fortnite for Android, 3 things that you will not like

When you see a Fortnite gameplay on the Lolito YouTube channel, you’re left with your mouth open when you see it build. It seems that it flies, and it does, yes, because it has a keyboard and a mouse . Fortnite is a game designed for PCs and consoles – although especially for PC-, and the mobile screen does not offer the same experience and control as the mouse and the keyboard offer. It is not as easy to shoot, jump, move and build. Do not expect to mount superstructures like the ones you see on YouTube, because it’s impossible. The two fingers with which you will control the game do not give more than itself.

Interact with your surroundings, lootear, aim, jump and shoot at the same time … All these characteristic gestures of Fortnite they will not be as good as in the PC version . The fingers do not offer the same control as the mouse, and the touch screen does not allow to move with the same ease as the keyboard. It is also important to highlight the size of the screen, and that is not the same to play on a large screen than in a 5.5-inch. I played on PC and mobile, and I can guarantee that the experience is not the same.

3. Because it is a game that does not seek to offer you content, but seeks your money

Fortnite for Android, 3 things that you will not like

Fortnite,and what we’ve talked about long and hard, is a game Free-To-Play. What does that mean? You can download it completely for free but it is riddled with micropayments. This may be a more personal perception, but the feeling I feel when I open the game is that wants me to spend 10 euros on paVos to buy skins and dances . Worth? Can you play Fortnite without paying a single euro? Yes, without a doubt, but do not worry, the rest of the players, with their wonderful skins, will take care of make you pay for a new delta wing .

I’d love to pay for the game if I’m going to unlock maps, but I absolutely refuse to pay for cosmetic items . In addition, the game is structured in such a way that micropayments do not hurt too much in your pocket, but as they do not stop taking out new skins, you will always have content for which to pay. You will never unlock everything the game has to make up your character, you will never have all the content. Content that, as I have said on more than one occasion, is pure smoke and not worth anything .

Will you have a good time playing Fortnite? Yes, until you discover that it’s not the same to watch it and play it on PC that fight with the controls because you are not able to hit the shoot button and jump in a battle face to face.


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