Fortnite adds tournaments and a new vehicle with its latest update

Fortnite adds tournaments and a new vehicle with its latest update


Online tournaments are available through the new Events tab. All these tournaments consist of a series of competitions scheduled at certain dates and times , and in each session the players will start from scratch from the beginning of the game. By eliminating several opponents or surviving, users will get points. By getting enough points during a scheduled event, players will receive a gold pin in that tournament .

A new limited time mode has also been added : disk dominance . Dance tracks have appeared along the map, which players must conquer and defend against rivals. Once on the track, the player must dance so that the disco ball rises. The fastest team to fill their counter when capturing and defending the dance floor will win the game .

As for the mobile phone version, Fortnite has made a significant performance improvement on devices with Android 7 or earlier . Now the first weapon that the player takes will be automatically equipped and the touch controls have the smoothing enabled. In the same way, touching the selected buttons in the construction quick access bar will re-build the selected piece.

Now all the elements in the mobile HUD can be moved and placed in the HUD layout tool and the visual elements of the independent spaces in the quick access bar have been updated. This update has also reduced the appearance of bandages by 50%, has eliminated all common weapons and has reduced the maximum distance of reappearance by 20%, among other improvements.

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