Forget ‘Ok Google’: Google Home speakers can now continue conversations

Forget 'Ok Google': Google Home speakers can now continue conversations

Now that the, the big G has taken advantage to introduce new features in its intelligent speakers equipped with artificial intelligence. The last to arrive was announced during the past Google I / O 2018 and since then it has become one of the most awaited functions by the users of these devices. I speak, of course, of the continuous conversation.

Although it seems a simple function, Google has spent a lot of time working on it, and it has not been until today when it finally begins to reach the Google Home of the world. It is a characteristic that achieves that The Google Assistant integrated into the speakers is able to continue a conversation as if it were a person , without the user having to say the voice command Ok, Google every time you want to make a query.

Continuous conversation in Google Home: the Google Assistant can now continue conversations

Forget 'Ok Google': Google Home speakers can now continue conversations

Just like, this option -which can be activated from the Google Home settings- allows the user Conduct a conversation with your speaker , since this will be able to continue answering questions even if the command that activates it is not used.

With the conversation still on, after asking the Assistant a question, you can request a follow-up, set a reminder or add something to your shopping list without having to say “Hey Google” every time. You can say “thank you” or “stop” once you are finished, or we will end the conversation once we detect that you are no longer talking to the Assistant. You still have to activate your assistant devices with “Ok Google”, “Hey Google” or with a physical activator, but with this new optional configuration enabled, the Assistant will remain active long enough to answer the follow-up questions. so you do not have to say “Hey Google” so often.

In addition to the above, to indicate that the loudspeaker is still listening after making a first query, LED indicator lights on top will remain active.

At the moment, this option is only available on all those devices with the Google Assistant configured in United States English , although later it will be available in the other languages ​​in which the assistant works, including Spanish. To activate the option, you must access the Assistant configuration, and activate the Continuous Conversation option.

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