For only 10 euros you can have the best experience with Windows 10

For only 10 euros you can have the best experience with Windows 10

Who does not use Windows 10 or the Office suite 2016 today? Few are those who escape to them. Today we want to offer you a very good offer for both products: Windows 10 Pro and Offcie 2016 Pro for less than thirty euros.

The Pro version of Windows 10 combines the best of Windows 8 and Windows 7, in addition to all the features of the Windows 10 Home version. It offers sophisticated connectivity, and tools to safeguard the user’s privacy. There are many new functions added and with a renewed design . In addition, social networks are easier to use with their apps entirely designed for Windows 10.

How is Windows 10 Professional

The vast majority of users are delighted with the performance of this Microsoft system. Windows 10 Professional offers a great experience to all those who use it daily and sporadically. The change from Windows XP or Windows 7 to the latest version is brutal and comments in the Microsoft store are detailed continuously.

For only 10 euros you can have the best experience with Windows 10

Why choose Windows 10 Professional

In addition to the opinions of those who have used it for a long time, Microsoft offers us a series of unique functions and tools in a desktop operating system:

  • Continuum for mobile, with which you can connect your terminal to the computer easily.

  • Cortana , the most complete and personal virtual assistant.

  • Windows Ink , to make use of a touch screen in Windows 10.

  • Start Menu with Tiles , for a better organization and cleaning of the desktop.

  • Tablet mode , in case you have a tablet with Windows 10 and facilitate its use.

  • Gestures , to use the voice, the pen or the touches to navigate through the functions of Windows 10.

  • Windows Hello , which improves the start of the system by means of touches, passwords or patterns.

  • Encryption of the device, to safeguard your data.

  • Bitlocker , to encrypt your hard drive and put it safe from enemy hands.

  • Xbox App , to have all your games and Xbox advances in one place.

Who needs Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 is great for gaming. Microsoft has brought great changes for the gaming sector. With the arrival of the DirectX 12 API it promises that we will play faster and more fluid than before, and that the gaming experience will be much more efficient and satisfying . Windows 10 also includes a “game DVR” mode that allows you to record 30 seconds of game, something that increases the social character of this operating system.

As we mentioned before, Microsoft adds Xbox App. You can see what your friends are doing, and send them messages, check your progress in games, review clips of your favorite games, etc. And, if that were not enough, it allows you to stream your games from your Xbox One directly to your PC.

And to work, Windows 10 includes Office applications . Microsoft has created a universal Office app, with great ease of use on mobile and touch devices such as tablets and smartphones.

How much does Windows 10 Pro cost?

For only 10 euros you can have the best experience with Windows 10

You can get this system from the Microsoft website for about 200 euros. However, at you can get a

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