"For a thousand euros I bought a mobile phone and an SLR": it's time to leave the self-deception

"For a thousand euros I bought a mobile phone and an SLR": it's time to leave the self-deception

For a thousand euros I bought a mobile and a SLR , a brutal counterattack that has in check Apple, Google, Samsung and other OEMs fully entitled to make money with their range caps, or not . In full 2018, this argument is still popular, based on the increase in photographic quality in terminals of medium and medium-high ranges, and in the negative logic to disburse the famous four figures in a telephone.

However, this argument has no head or tail , since we talk about radically different concepts. A mobile is a mobile, and a camera is a camera . As we found smartphones of 100 and 1000 euros, we find cameras from 300 to 20,000 euros, and the comparison between them is simply insane.

What happens if you intend to buy a camera to make a living

"For a thousand euros I bought a mobile phone and an SLR": it's time to leave the self-deception

First scenario, professional photographer who lives by, for and of the photography he makes , or user that wants to dedicate himself to it. Suppose that said professional wants to “buy a mobile and a reflex for 1,000 euros”, we are going to lend him a hand. For 200 euros we find high quality phones like the

For the 800 euros left over for a camera, it can be done with

"For a thousand euros I bought a mobile phone and an SLR": it's time to leave the self-deception

The problem comes in that a camera is useless by itself . With the basic objective that usually comes in the cameras, the 18-55, we can not do practically nothing, so we will need, at least, one objective to make good portrait photographs, and another more angular one for salon photographs, groups, exhibitions, vehicles …

If we look for the cheapest Canon 50mm we find thecost” just over euros> , and some reflectors of the lowest range

A good photographer will also need to keep his belongings , so for about 20 euros

If you are really going to make professional deliveries you will need, at least,Compatible” batteries cost about euros> , and the grip another

What does this mean? If you really want to start in the world of professional photography, buying cheap products -which is not always recommended-, you will have to make an outlay of at least 1,600 euros, including your mobile. Of course, it is not a bad figure for the great mid-range terminal that we have bought and all the equipment that we carry behind us, although it is far from those initial 1,000 euros for which it seemed that some could earn a living and have a great smartphone.

What if you just want to take pictures that are good and do not want to spend a lot of money

Now, we come to the stage where 90% of the users are located, they want a cell phone and take good pictures, but they do not want to spend 1,000 euros on the phone . If we leave aside the dedication to photography, we can get the aforementioned Mi A2 and a camera of 800 euros, which will serve to make … better? Photographs of what you would do with a phone. No, and I’ll explain why .

To begin with, the phone accompanies us 24 hours a day, the SLR only when we go out to take pictures . That My A2 that you have bought is a wonder, but if you say that you would buy a DSLR it is because you like photography, and if you find yourself with the perfect photograph on the street or in any situation where you do not have the camera on top, your Mobile will not make the perfect picture .

The difference between a mobile of 1,000 euros and the others is that, regardless of the situation, you can make the perfect picture of a single shot. With terminals of lower ranges, including OnePlus and Xiaomis of 500 euros, there are situations that resist, portraits of bad results, and problems when light is scarce.

On the other hand, it is assumed that you are aware of the RAW format, how to reveal it correctly, and the format in which you must export , so that your photographs do not lose quality when uploading them wherever you want – since the type of export can depend on the destination of the photograph. Besides, we also assume that you know how to adjust the manual controls in each situation , so that the photograph has an adequate exposure, focus and framing. If not, we regret to say that buying a DSLR camera to shoot in automatic and JPEG is to throw away the money , since the difference between doing this and shooting with a phone is quite small.

The only scenario in which it makes sense to have a cheap mobile and a low or mid-range SLR , is that the user knows a lot about editing and photography , so you can get great results with a cheap camera. It is not necessary to approach even the 1,000 euros with the camera, any home DSLR will be more than enough if you take advantage of manual mode and RAW.


"For a thousand euros I bought a mobile phone and an SLR": it's time to leave the self-deception

If you want to dedicate yourself to professional photography, it does not reach you with a thousand euros, and if you like casual photography, it does not make up for buying a DSLR to shoot automatically . We understand and empathize with users who are not willing to spend 1,000 euros on a phone, as well as those who do not understand why the camera is so important on a phone. However, as always, both positions must be respected , and understand that like many people spend 20,000 on a vehicle that takes them from A to B – when one of 1,000 euros “does the same” -, others want to spend 1,000 euros in a phone – when one of 100 calls and sends WhatsApps-.

No brand requires us to spend 1,000 euros , no brand requires us to spend 100 euros. Thanks to the manufacturers we have an infinite range of possibilities , in which there is no sense in the criticism based on the personal decision of each one with their expense. Let each person spend the money on what they want and when they want .

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