Florida State Employee Arrested for Executing Crypto Mining

Florida State Employee Arrested for Executing Crypto Mining
Florida State Employee Arrested for Executing Crypto Mining

A public worker from Florida’s Citrus Department was arrested on the grounds that he was mining using the corporate computer to make crypto money.

According to Tampa Bay Times, the Florida State Department of Penal and Enforcement (FDLE) jailed Matthew McDermott, the manager of CT, a state agency that monitors Florida’s citrus industry. It is reported that McDermott is still held as defendant and that his penance is 5,000 USD.

The reason for the arrest of the FDLE is raporda; McDermott was described as doing Bitcoin and Litecoin mining on the corporate computer and abusing his duty. Also, raporda stated that the electricity bills of the branch increased by 40% from October 2017 to January 2018, which is explained by the necessity of high energy use of mining.

Again according to FDLE’s report, McDermott bought 24 graphics processing units and paid them from their office accounts. These devices, which totaled $ 22,000, were often used in crypto money mining. In other words, a standard computer was used to increase the speed capacity and enable it to process much faster.

This news is an example of how an official employee in the United States uses public institutions’ resources to make crypto mining. During the past week, an investigation was started on whether the former employees of the US state of Louisiana were mining.

Again in January 2017, the Office of the Federal Reserve Inspectorate imposed a $ 5,000 fine in the year 2012 and 2014 following the identification of Bitcoin mining as a server owned by the Central Bank. Later this year, the New York State Department of Education confirmed that Bitcoin mining was made from the business computer in March and April 2014.

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