Flexible screen mobiles when will Samsung and LG launch them?


The race to launch the first flexible screen mobiles on the market is at its peak. With different manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or LG fighting to be the first to launch it. Now we have learned new details about the flexible screen mobile from LG and Samsung , about its release date.

Already last August we wondered when the first mobile with flexible screen of the market would be launched, valuing the rumors about the different prototypes of each manufacturer, as in this case LG.

The flexible screen mobiles of LG and Samsung, much closer

This week we should know all the details of the first mobile with flexible screen Samsung, which although not launched now, it will reveal much of its features at the conference of developers of the Korean firm. And how could it be otherwise, LG will not miss this battle between the two giants , something quite logical, if we consider that both LG and Samsung are leaders in manufacturing OLED TVs, even flexible screen.

Flexible screen mobiles when will Samsung and LG launch them?

Precisely at CES 2019 , the same fair where LG introduced its roller screen TV last year, is where LG unveiled its first flexible screen mobile . At least that’s what the reports that come from Asia now tell us. LG had already announced that it is working on a mobile phone of these characteristics, so the surprise is not what, but when, and it seems that the first days of January, in Las Vegas, will be chosen to show what could be the first flexible screen mobile on the market, as long as Samsung does not unveil it commercially before.

Flexible screen mobiles when will Samsung and LG launch them?

This weekend we have known that LG would launch the flexible screen mobile at CES 2019, while Samsung could wait longer to do the same with theirs. At least that is what they have revealed the latest information about the Samsung device, which would be released in the second quarter of 2019 . This means that we would have to wait until spring for Samsung to launch its flexible screen mobile. So it is also possible that both what is presented this week by Samsung, and by LG at CES, are only the first sketches on these amazing phones, and not their appearance and final functions. The first episode will live this week, on November 7, with the first official data of Samsung’s flexible smartphone .

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