Fixing an iPhone X may cost more than a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Fixing an iPhone X may cost more than a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

As usual, we do not complain too much about the price of high-end devices , even if it is excessively high. We understand that top-of-the-range mobiles are an object of caprice, not a necessity, and that the price of whims is never low. Nevertheless, We all agree that the price of the iPhone X is too high , and this is shown by the sales results of the device, much lower than Apple expected.

Taking a look at the official page of Apple , we met with your price policy for repairs , and the truth is that we found quite curious data. Repair a battery, change a screen … Expected prices in the world of Cupertino. Nevertheless, when we take a look at the “other damages” section , we throw our hands to the head.

This is the price of fixing “other damages” on an iPhone X

Fixing an iPhone X may cost more than a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Straight to the point. Fixing an iPhone X can cost 611.10 euros . Inquiring in the page of Apple, they indicate us that this budget corresponds to “other damages”, without specifying the what, reason why it is assumed that this is the maximum price of some failure of the device. Whichever, there is no justification for paying 611 euros for repairing a telephone , since it is practically half of the total value of it.

It should not surprise us, considering that change the screen of the iPhone X costs 320 euros , price at which you can buy, for example, a Xiaomi Mi 6 . For the 611 euros that Apple asks us to repair the device, we can buy on Amazon the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus , a mobile that walks over 630 euros, but that we have seen below 600 on more than one occasion .

In short, a more than curious fact that we wanted to tell you, and is that it is shocking that a repair of the iPhone costs as much or more than a top of the Android range of the most demanded brand . As always, everyone is free to manage the money of their whims as they wish, although it might be good to see what is better to spend it .

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