First price cut of the Samsung Galaxy A6


The kind of Samsung’s midrange newcomer to the market, the Samsung Galaxy A6 , has not only landed a few weeks ago to the catalog of Amazon , but already begins to experience the first discounts . So much so that the Samsung Galaxy A6 price has the first reduction that fixes its cost in little more than 250 euros .

He Samsung Galaxy A8 It was an important movement of the South Korean manufacturer. It was because it became the first mid-range smartphone to integrate the popular Infinity Display . Screen without bevels that premiered at the time the Samsung Galaxy S8 . Shortly after, the Samsung Galaxy A6 , a considerably cheaper model than the Galaxy A8, but with more than interesting ingredients, among them the aforementioned infinite screen.

Samsung Galaxy A6 price reduction

A Samsung Galaxy A6 It was presented at the beginning of May and it landed in Spain just over two weeks ago. However, that has been the time necessary to record the first rebates of Samsung Galaxy A6 price , just like you can on Amazon. First price cut of the Samsung Galaxy A6

While it is the Italian version, the price of Samsung’s smartphone is reduced by almost 50 euros until placing its final cost in 253 euros . This price corresponds to the color version Lavender.


Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus, also with discount

If the model that really satisfies you is the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus , there is also an offer in the e-commerce store that reduces its cost by 50 euros. However, this case the sale is made through an authorized Amazon distributor, although it does not offer the same guarantees as if the order is managed by Amazon itself. In this case, the price of the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus is set at 298 euros plus 15 euros for shipping costs.


It should be noted here that the Official price of Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus that appears on the Samsung page is from 369 euros .

Features of the Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6 Plus

As usual, after offering you the best deals on Amazon, we also try to offer you the most complete information about the offered smartphones. In this case, you can consult all the Features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A6 – and Galaxy A6 Plus- through the respective technical specifications of the models available in MovilZona:

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