First look close to the Mercedes-Benz CLS 2019

The Burton team in a fascinating video explores the new generation of Mercedes-Benz CLS 2019, which is not watched.

Tim Burton Shmee150 on YouTube, one of the most famous people in the world of car introduction clips, was able to invite Mercedes to Stuttgart and take a closer look at Mercedes-Benz Have a new CLS. The newest Mercedes-Benz product, a typical version of a converted sedan Coupe But rather a completely independent product for production next year.

The new Mercedes CLS has an AMG Line version with a gray color scheme Magno Dizinho And is powered by a 400d diesel engine, which is currently the most expensive product of this group in Europe. The new powertrain is similar to the 2.9-liter, 6-cylinder line-up for the 350d model, but 340 horsepower (250 kW) of power and 700 nm (516 pound-feet) of torque, while the cheaper model is capable of 286 horsepower ( 210 kW) and 442 pounds-feet (600 Nm) of torque.


In the interior, there is a noticeable change compared to the two previous models, the availability of a five-seater configuration that occurs for the first time in the CLS class; this makes it Sedan The new coupe is a bit more suitable for the family and more space for the passengers.

This video delivers interesting facts about the interior of the car, which inherited most of its features from the E-Class sedan class; it’s good to know that the design of the Mercedes-Benz CLS 2019 is largely based on the E-Class sedan and That’s why it uses its legacy. Some people may somehow prefer to make changes to the new CLS Mercedes than their regular sedan, but despite being repetitive, the interior is still a great place for comfort and ride.

 First look close to the Mercedes-Benz CLS 2019

For buyers not interested in diesel engines (however, it’s not like products that will be available in the United States), the Mercedes CLS 2019 comes in a 450-liter version with a 6-cylinder 3-liter gasoline engine that comes with hybrid configuration features. . It produces 367 hp (270 kW) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque, but the electric generator produces 22 horsepower (16 kW) and 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) of torque.

All three versions of the Mercedes-Benz CLS (Standard, Knight and AMG Line) are equipped with a 4-speed all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic gearbox. The model is cheaper than the Mercedes-Benz CLS with a 2-liter diesel engine coming up in the near future, which will be available as the Mercedes-Benz AMG CLS 53. The new model will be unveiled at the North American Auto Show for the next few days, and will be the first Hybrid car Equipped with a 6-cylinder engine that has a nearly 430-horsepower power.

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