First images of the OnePlus 6T are they real or a fake?


As autumn approaches, some manufacturers are preparing their high-end proposals for the second part of the year, and OnePlus is one of them. We had not seen images of the OnePlus 6T so far, but two reals have been leaked that are attributed to this terminal, and as is logical, generate many doubts.

Precisely a few days ago we knew the final date of the presentation of the OnePlus 6T , which will be during the month of October, with an invitation that we see precisely reproduced in the image that has been leaked today.

Images of the OnePlus 6T what do you want to tell us?

Starting from the basis that we think that the images that have been leaked today as OnePlus 6T seem a complete fake , they could have some sense, making us see in which direction OnePlus would change the design of their new smartphone with respect to their previous model . As you can see in the image, in this alleged OnePlus 6T you can see the same invitation of your presentation, which also showed that fingerprint reader icon on the screen , which has anticipated this expected function.

First images of the OnePlus 6T are they real or a fake?

The main difference in the design of the alleged OnePlus 6T that appears in these images, compared to the current OnePlus 6 would be the notch, completely different, drop-shaped , like the Essential Phone , and curiously very similar to the Oppo R17, the phone from which the OnePlus 6T could inherit its design . And that is precisely the theory behind these images, that what we are really seeing is an Oppo R17 with the image of the invitation on screen and an official OnePlus charging cable, all to give the feeling of being in front of this new terminal .

First images of the OnePlus 6T are they real or a fake?

Rather it is what it seems, the intention to show the design that would tell the OnePlus 6T using an Oppo R17 , in fact it would not be the first time that OnePlus is based on a design of the other firm of the group. Another of the images shows the icon of the fingerprint reader on the screen, although of course, it could also belong to the Oppo. So on the one hand you have to be very cautious, because they can perfectly be those of another mobile, but without a doubt the message from them is clear, and that is that the design of this OnePlus 6T could be very close to the one that has the Oppo R17 . What do you think will the OnePlus 6T be based on the Oppo R17 Pro?

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