First disassembly of the iPhone Xs. Is it harder to repair than the iPhone X?


The new and arrive at all Apple stores and authorized dealers in just a few hours. If after consulting the both free and with operator, you have decided to buy them, it may be helpful to know if the new iPhone Xs is easy to repair or not , in case of suffering an accident.

Although you can not buy until tomorrow, some lucky have been able to put the glove on the iPhone Xs to submit to all kinds of tests before it goes on sale. The perfect example is left to us by the guys from FixjeiPhone , a Dutch website specialized in disassembling the latest phones to get to the market to analyze, one by one, its components. This, in addition to allowing us to know if the iPhone XS is easy to repair or not, allows us to compare the work done on the new mobile phone with its predecessor, the

It is important to know if a mobile is easier to repair or not, because depending on this cost us pay more or less as long as we have to bring the iPhone Xs to the workshop for problems that are not covered by the warranty. In fact, a week ago we talked about the price of , whose cost could rise to 360 euros, that is, a quarter of the sale price of the smartphone.

First disassembly of the iPhone Xs. Is it harder to repair than the iPhone X?

Differences with the iPhone X?

Although internally there are not many , from the outset we see that the screen is now much more difficult to extract from the body compared to the top of the range last year. The professionals responsible for the disassembly of the iPhone XS warn that the additional hermetic seals responsible for ensuring that the device can submerge in 2 meters of fresh water for 30 minutes without problems, as indicated by the IP68 certification, makes it harder to recover the iPhone XS .

First disassembly of the iPhone Xs. Is it harder to repair than the iPhone X?

iPhone X (left) and iPhone XS (right)

The second big difference we found once the phone was opened is the battery. It has the same format as last year’s mobile, in the form of “L”, but this time it is a cell without divisions, while the iPhone X battery , as seen in the image above, opted by dividing the component into two cells. This seems to be the explanation that the most modern mobile has a

Obviously, opening the iPhone Xs or any other phone can cause the loss of warranty of the same, so we recommend you do not do it unless you assume the risks you run.

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