First clues about what we will find in MIUI 11


When not even MIUI 10 has been released in a global way l, despite having dates of it , we already began to know what intentions Xiaomi has for the next operating system that will star in their future smartphones. The group of developers themselves has recently published the first clues about the characteristics of MIUI 11, whose presentation is still too far away.

The development team MIUI has reviewed today, in an article published in the early morning, the history of design behind MIUI 10. Interestingly, the article also gives us details about the next version of the company’s operating system, allowing us to know “where the shots will go” in the brand’s software for the future.

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Key points of MIUI 11

The article reviews how it has changed MIUI up to the software that we all know today, adapted to the use of 18: 9 screens, as it seems that all Xiaomi smartphones will be from now on. The current design of the ROM based on Android it was adapted for the first time to adjust to the models with the new aspect ratio, leaving aside the 16: 9 display format that has been present in mobiles and software for years. And this is where most of the changes of MIUI 11 .

First clues about what we will find in MIUI 11

With the arrival of full-screen phones Xiaomi says that it will focus on improving the user interface during the development of MIUI 11. But the approach that the developers of the Chinese firm want to promote in MIUI 11 It does not intend to emphasize the differences between the interface of MIUI 11 and MIUI 10 as much as the usability of the operating system. From the statements of the team responsible for the software we can understand that the focus will be on a design focused on the real needs of consumers.

What does this mean? We probably find in MIUI 11 a design very similar to the current version of the operating system, but new gestures would be added so that users can better use larger smartphones. Similarly, it is expected that some of the system apps are renewed in order to offer more help to users as well as simplify the use of mobile. Maybe the technology of IA that was premiered this year in MIUI 10 have a lot to do in following versions of the firmware of the Xiaomi phones , as is the case with the Huawei AI.

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