Finally Spotify for Android will let you reorder songs within a playlist


Between iOS and Android there is a war that goes far beyond aesthetic preferences or operation. The applications, although they are the same, also live their own internal battle between both applications and Spotify is the perfect example of it. And it is not the same Spotify for iOS that Spotify for Android although, luckily, both versions are more and more similar.

Users of the iOS app can rearrange the tracks of a playlist to better suit their mood, but this particular feature is not yet available on Android devices. On mobiles working with the operating system of Google The only thing we can do to reorder songs within a playlist is to use the predefined options that allow you to organize the lists alphabetically by name, title, album or artist or according to how recently you have listened to them or added them. Luckily, this is going to change soon.

Finally Spotify for Android will let you reorder songs within a playlist

Spotify update for Android

As revealed in the forums of Spotify , the streaming music service has its developers working on bringing this feature to the application of Android in the near future, although there are still no dates for the arrival of this update.

We are very happy to announce that our team is already working on this idea. An upcoming version of Android will see this feature initially launched to a small number of users. We will post more information once we have more news to share.

As you can see, at the beginning it seems that the possibility of rearranging songs within a playlist will only reach a small number of users, but we hope not to have to spend too much time without it in the final version of the application, since it is about a functionality that Spotify for Android users have been requesting for some time after looking suspiciously at the users of Spotify for iPhone .

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Although the possibility of reorder songs within a playlist on Spotify for Android , at least we are happy to know that it is not something that stays in the “limbo” forever and the guys from Spotify They are already working on it. This novelty would join the n New version of Spotify free announced a few weeks ago by which we can listen to each song as many times as we want without having to go through the paid version , yes, in selected playlists.

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