Filtered the Xiaomi Mi A2 in operation showing its characteristics


It is increasingly clear that the event that celebrates Xiaomi at the end of the month in Madrid is closely related to the Xiaomi Mi A2 , one of the most anticipated smartphones of recent times. A few hours ago, an image of the phone was turned on, showing that the terminal is more than ready for its presentation, which would take place on July 24.

The image to which we refer shows a device identical to the Xiaomi Mi 6X , but that is something that should not surprise anyone. And it is already been spoken on numerous occasions that the manufacturer plans to launch this Mi 6X with Android One 8.1 to the international market in the form of Xiaomi Mi A2, so we could say that the features and design of the smartphone are well known.

Filtered the Xiaomi Mi A2 in operation showing its characteristics

Xiaomi Mi A2 with android 8.1

What is happening with the brand’s new phone is similar to what happened last year. In 2017 the Xiaomi Mi A1 came to the market as a variant of Xiaomi Mi 5X , so it is clear that this time the base for the phone would be the Mi 6X. That is why the design of the mobile that appears in the image above is the same as the mobile phone launched to the Chinese market a few months ago.

Beyond confirming the design of the Xiaomi Mi A2 … What information does this filtration offer with the mobile screen on? To begin with, what was expected. There is no trace of MIUI on the smartphone since the prototype of the image is running Android 8.1 Oreo with the included May security patches it is clear that we talk about Android One , the Android version for mid-range terminals that has led to the success of the first smartphone in the A range. Beyond this detail, we also see that the Xiaomi Mi A2 has among its features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset, exactly the same processor that we can find in the Mi 6X. This means that the rest of the specifications should be the same and we would have a 6-inch screen with FullHD + resolution and 18: 9 display format, at least 4 GB of RAM, two rear cameras of 12 MP + 20 MP, a sensor for selfies of 20 MP and a battery of 3,010 mAh.

After its presentation the penultimate week of July, it is expected that the Xiaomi Mi A2 it goes on sale the first week of August.

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