Filtered the price of Vivo Nex with Snapdragon 710 and 845


Although brands such as Vivo do not have much impact on our country and in general in the West, from time to time they slip into the present with mobile phones that could revolutionize the sector. This is the case of the new Nex, which would have a retractable camera. Now the Price of Vivo Nex with Snapdragon 710 and 845.

Without a doubt it is the most outstanding aspect of this new terminal Alive , its huge screen, which also would have no frame, thanks to the solution of a retractable or retractable camera, which would not take place in the front.

The price of Vivo Nex would not be so high

A few days ago we had known some material from the Vivo Nex, which revealed an indicative price of the terminal, which from the beginning seemed quite high, above one thousand euros. Now a new leak through the Chinese social network Weibo, has revealed that there will be two versions of Vivo Nex , one of them with the most powerful processor of the moment, the Snapdragon 845 , and secondly the most powerful of the mid-range, the Snapdragon 710 , which has recently been released in the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE .

Filtered the price of Vivo Nex with Snapdragon 710 and 845

Well, the filtered prices are now not as high as we had known, and are more adjusted to what you would expect from these new terminals. On the one hand, the version with the processor Snapdragon 845 with the fingerprint reader under the screen would have a price of $ 703, about 597 euros , which undoubtedly would be very close with respect to the competition. Taking into account the reader under the screen and the huge screen without any edge. Second, the version with the Snapdragon 710 processor , which would be a kind of Lite variant, would be priced at $ 593, about 503 euros . This version instead would not have the fingerprint reader under the screen.

It is seen in a video

Also today a new video has been leaked that shows us a presumed Vivo Nex, and we say presumed because it seems rather a dummy, or model , that a real unit of the Asian phone.

In fact we do not see that retractable camera so characteristic, and the screen is so static that it makes us think that it is an impression. In any case it is a good opportunity to get an idea of ​​how the new Vivo Nex could be in your hands.

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