Filtered features and price of the LG G7


If there is a terminal that we have missed in the MWC, that is the LG G7 , not because the Huawei P20 does not matter to us, but because we knew that the mobile, along with the Huawei P20 Lite and the Huawei P20 Pro they would be presented in society barely n month after the telephony event.

However, the LG G7 was delayed to incorporate new features in its design, until a date, for the time being, undetermined. At least so far, since the latest leaks associated with the device reveal that the mobile will be presented in May. And not only that, but we also talk about the characteristics and LG G7 price .

The bad news comes from observing the launch schedule of the Korean firm. The delay in launch of the LG G7 could cause the presentation of other great smartphones of the brand also take place a few months later. If the LG G7 arrives in May, two months later than its predecessor, it is already speculated that the LG V40 is delayed until November, when the old LG V30 was released in September of last year.

Characteristics of the LG G7

Among the future Features of the LG G7 we are, changing strategy compared to what was seen last year, with a Snapdragon 845 chipset that allows you to fight on equal terms with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other range buffers that incorporate this CPU into their guts. There will also be an improvement in terms of memory, both RAM and ROM. That is why the market would come different versions of LG G7 , one with 6 GB / 64 GB, and another with 6 GB / 128 GB.

Filtered features and price of the LG G7

Again we would have a dual 16MP rear camera in a vertical position, with all the Artificial Intelligence technologies that we already knew at the Barcelona congress in LG V30s . It is expected that the LG G7 battery reach 3,000 mAh.

Of course it remains that we would find ourselves before a new mobile from the catalog of LG which, as has happened with the LG G6 or the LG V30, would boast a full-screen design without bevels, probably with an integrated notch if we trust the first images of the LG G7 filtered on the Web .

Price of the LG G7

At the same time that we talk about its characteristics, we have also been able to know the possible LG G7 price . It is already speculated that the top of the range of the company reaches the market at a price slightly higher than that of the LG G6 . There is talk of a figure close to 850 euros, based on the most basic model.

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