Filtered features and price of the Xiaomi Mi A2 in Spain


Xiaomi has already officially confirmed that the presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi A2 and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite it will be next July 24 . An event that will take place in our country and in which all the details are expected to be announced. Well, the leaks come back to make an appearance to advance the features and price of the Xiaomi Mi A2 in Spain .

The truth is that few details remain to be known so much about Xiaomi Mi A2 as of Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite . Virtually everything has come to light through the various publications on the Web. It only remains to confirm that information when the company officially presents its two new smartphones. However, we add additional information on the features and price of the Xiaomi Mi A2 in Spain .

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All the features in an online store

Although a few days ago appeared the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite on sale on Aliexpress , today we have to look at a store based in Spain to check that it is already possible to buy the not yet presented Xiaomi Mi A2. A publication that leaves all the Features of the Xiaomi Mi A2 . Filtered features and price of the Xiaomi Mi A2 in Spain

In this sense, few developments are found in the corresponding section since all the specifications of the model have already been filtered at some other time. In fact, they are practically the same as those we can find in the data sheet of the Xiaomi Mi 6X . In this case, the disposition of this data is presented in an orderly and clean way through the store Powerplanetonnline .

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Price of the Xiaomi Mi A2

However, the highlight is that the aforementioned online store already allows you to buy the Xiaomi Mi A2 both in its version with internal memory of 32 GB and 64 GB. In this way, the Xiaomi Mi A2 price , which is a cost of 259 and 279 euros respectively.

As we have already indicated, we will have to wait for the official presentation of the model to corroborate all the information, since we do not know if the fixed price may be altered to gain the opportunity to earn extra money with this “exclusivity”.

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Shipping before July 25

It is curious how the online store in question leaves visible evidence that everyone who purchases the Xiaomi Mi A2 will receive the order before Wednesday, July 25. That supposes, at least, to have the model the same day of the official presentation. Filtered features and price of the Xiaomi Mi A2 in Spain

Despite the warning, we must be cautious given that when processing the order, we can see a warning from the store that can be interpreted in different ways. Will it arrive ahead of time or will the shipment actually occur as long as the commercial launch by Xiaomi is activated?

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