Filter an image of the Oppo R19 with integrated camera on the screen


In recent years Chinese manufacturers have stopped copying the most important features of devices from other manufacturers to anticipate these and create a trend in the market. In this case, an image of the Oppo R19 anticipates a surprising design with a built-in camera on the screen.

One of the mobile that has revolutionized mobile photography is undoubtedly the Oppo Find X , which has released its most expensive and exclusive phones this week in Spain, the special edition Automobili Lamborghini Edition .

Does this image of the Oppo R19 advance the design of the OnePlus 7?

In the last months we are seeing how different manufacturers are working hard to offer alternatives to the notch scorn on Android mobile screens. This element generates both love and hate, and for the latter we have seen solutions such as those of Vivo or Oppo, with front-facing cameras that are integrated into the body of the phone by means of a sliding mechanism. Well, today in the Chinese social network of weibo we have seen an image that is attributed to the next top of the range of the Chinese firm, the Oppo R19 .

Filter an image of the Oppo R19 with integrated camera on the screen

The most striking thing about this image, which, as often happens with all these leaks, must be taken with the appropriate caution, is the front camera, which is integrated into the screen . In this way there is no notch on the front, and the only thing we see at the top is the hole behind which the camera is hidden. In this way you can enjoy the entire screen without eyebrows or water drops to house the camera. In this case it would be the cleanest solution to integrate these elements in the front.

Filter an image of the Oppo R19 with integrated camera on the screen

Retractable camera of OPPO Find X

Otherwise we see a fingerprint reader also integrated in the screen, as well as a vertical camera in the rear, so you do not have to resort to the solution of the Oppo Find X to hide the rear camera in the inside of his body. As you know, the Oppo R series usually advances some aspects of the design that will end up inheriting the OnePlus, and who knows, if this image is true, could be advancing the design of the OnePlus 7 or 7T . In any case, there are many doubts about the authenticity of this image, which does not prevent us from thinking that Oppo is capable of launching a mobile phone of these characteristics in the coming months, because it has already proven itself capable of that and much more.

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