Father’s Day gifts: Moto Z with 400 euros discount!


Yesterday we already warned that these days we began to show the best offers that Amazon has prepared so you do not run out of ideas when it comes to finding your gifts for Father’s Day. Yes yesterday Moto G5S was “the star of the party” today it’s the turn of the Moto Z , Xperia L1 and BQ Aquaris U Plus, with special attention to the first.

During these days Amazon has enabled a new page on its website where all types of Offers for Father’s Day , from ties to mobiles. And the latter are the most striking because, as in the case of Moto Z , they will allow you to save up to 400 euros in the purchase of the mobile, or what is the same, buy it for more than half of its official price.

Amazon Father’s Day Offers March 13

Moto Z Father's Day gifts: Moto Z with 400 euros discount!

Buy Moto Z for 245 euros

The offer that stars today is one of the most striking we have found in the online store. Being able to buy the Moto Z with 400 euros of discount Suppose you can take your mobile home for just 245 euros. Of course, it is the lowest price we have found on the web for mobile that is characterized by its compatibility with the MotoMods that allow to extend the functions of the mobile.

The Moto Z offer on Amazon It refers to the model of 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of ROM and in white, since the black model costs about 400 euros.

BQ Aquaris U Plus

Father's Day gifts: Moto Z with 400 euros discount!

Buy BQ Aquaris U Plus for 159 euros

Another great Father’s Day offer on Amazon , although it does not reach the level of Moto Z discount , is that of the BQ Aquaris U Plus. Normally the mobile costs 199 euros in the online store, but during these days you can buy it for 159 euros and save 40 euros in the middle range of BQ.

In this case the offer of BQ Aquaris U Plus it refers to the variant with 16 GB of ROM and 2 GB of RAM.

Sony Xperia L1

Father's Day gifts: Moto Z with 400 euros discount!

Buy Sony Xperia L1 for 155 euros

And if yours are the most classic designs, you can always take advantage of offer on the Sony Xperia L1 that makes the terminal one of the best ideas to give away Father’s Day . On this occasion the smartphone presents 44 euros discount on Amazon and you can buy it for 155 euros. The model on offer is the black one, although the Sony Xperia L1 It will hardly cost you 12 euros more, if you prefer that variant.

Amazon Father’s Day Offers March 12

Moto G5S

Father's Day gifts: Moto Z with 400 euros discount!

Buy Moto G5S for 169 euros

More interesting and striking is the Moto G5S offer on Amazon . It is a mobile whose capabilities are more than proven and which has become one of the best selling mobile phones in the online store. He Moto G5s normally it presents a price on the website of 249 euros, but this time we can buy it for 169 euros . This means that the discount on the Moto G5S on Amazon exceeds 30% compared to its original price.

Of course, it should be noted that the Moto G5S offer for Father’s Day only refers to the gray color model, because if you want to buy the smartphone in golden color the discount is not so juicy, even if the mobile reaches 199 euros.

Alcatel U5 4G

He Alcatel U5 4G we can buy it for 79 euros and has enough features to become the mobile of daily use for someone who does not need to do much more than call, use WhatsApp, and play some Play Store games.

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