Fast loading of Google Pixel 3, at half speed in unofficial chargers


One of the most attractive technologies that today stars in our smartphones is fast charging, the system through which we can completely fill the battery of our phones in just one hour. However, this speed varies greatly between devices … and according to the charger used. As an example of the latter we have the fast wireless charge of Google Pixel 3 .

If you plan to buy one of the new Google phones, be it or , it will be better if you accompany it with a Google-certified charger because, if not, the fast wireless charging of the Mobile will work at half speed. This means that if with an official charger you can take 100 minutes to charge the smartphones completely, with a charger from another manufacturer could take about 4 hours. Why this difference in the fast loading of Google Pixel 3 ?

Rapid charge differences according to the charger

The maximum charging speed of Google-certified chargers is 10 watts , but if you use non-approved models of wireless fast chargers they will only work at a speed of 5 watts , as long as they support the Qi standard of wireless power transfer used by others. manufacturers. We have the answer in Google’s secure handshake security system, which requires third-party shippers to be approved through its Made for Google program .

Fast loading of Google Pixel 3, at half speed in unofficial chargers

Interestingly, use a wireless charger of the brand itself or a third party charger not certified by Google, when making use of the fast loading of Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL , the two phones shows a message that says is making use of the fast charge, even though there is this big speed difference between both loaders.

Google confirmed that the load base of its Google Pixel 3 supports other devices compatible with Qi, but only does so at a speed of 5 watts, ie 5 watts slower. So a Pixel Stand will not load the rivals’ phones at full speed either.

We do not limit third party devices, in fact, we are working with our partners in the Made for Google program to obtain 10W fast chargers certified for use with the new Pixel 3

Although at the moment there is no compatible charger with this charging system, which has not been certified by Google, it should not take long to reach the market. Belkin ya ha anunciado un cargador inalámbrico de 10W para los Pixel que llegará al mercado antes de final de año. In fact, Belkin has already announced a 10W wireless charger for the Pixels that will hit the market before the end of the year.

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