Fail on Youtube: this has been one of the most important falls in its history

Fail on Youtube: this has been one of the most important falls in its history

Media from around the world echoed yesterday afternoon, YouTube was not working . Millions of users tried to enter the most popular video platform on the internet, all with the same result. There was no way.

Taking into account that YouTube has an impressive 1,800 million active monthly users , taking into account that nearly 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute, you can get an idea of ​​the magnitude that such an error can have.

YouTube and its services, dropped for 1 hour

They were approaching 7 o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time, when the official account of the Youtube team on Twitter made this publication. “Thanks for your reports on access issues on YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music. We are working to solve it. ” At that time, the Google platform had been almost 30 minutes without working .

Many youtubers launched to publish their impressions and of course, Twitter began to smoke with the impressions of millions of users from different countries. The topic soon became a global trending topic , under the hashtag #YoutubeDOWN .

Apparently, YouTube became a loop of failures that prevented access to different accounts and in which millions of users clicked on the thumbnails of the videos to get nowhere . A fateful loop that, fortunately, did not take long to be solved thanks to those responsible for the platform.

The falls of the great Internet services are not something strange, it is totally normal that errors occur from time to time . The important thing is the attention to the user by those responsible and the speed with which the problem is solved.

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