Facebook Messenger, like WhatsApp, will allow you to delete messages sent


The possibility of is one of the best updates that the messaging app received long ago. This makes it possible to correct errors and eliminate the wrong texts for our contacts and, as expected, other messaging applications begin to copy this function. As an example of this, the next one to allow deleting sent messages will be Facebook Messenger , who already tries this possibility.

Surely on more than one occasion, either by a mental slip or because of the always odious autocorrector, you have wanted to go back in time and not write the barbarity that you just sent through Facebook Messenger . Some applications give the opportunity to erase sent messages as long as an excessive amount of time has not elapsed and the Facebook messaging application could soon obtain this same feature, which will allow you to avoid having your contacts read the wrong message.

This is extracted from the tweet of Jane Wong, who has discovered a test function in Facebook chat that allows you to delete chat messages, facing our contacts and ourselves.

How can messages be deleted in Facebook Messenger?

For now this function is not available but it seems that some users have located it when it comes to maintaining a long press, as happens in option of deleting the message from Facebook Messenger for both sender and recipient. Jane Wong says that you can only delete a message for a certain time after sending it, so you can not delete what you have sent after a few hours) is not yet known what is this time limit.

Facebook Messenger, like WhatsApp, will allow you to delete messages sent

At the moment it is not clear when this function will come to erase messages sent from Facebook Messenger to all users, it seems that only a few can make use of it. It is likely that, after its discovery, the company does not take too long to enable this possibility for all users but, being an unpublished tool, it is also possible that Facebook decides not to release it to further differentiate its two instant messaging applications.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, Facebook will rule on this.

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