How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Parents


Bitcoin’s growing popularity continues to stay on our agenda, leaving us with endless questions of relatives.

I could not have been a billionaire right now because of the extreme reactions they gave Bitcoin about their relatives a few years ago and when I got their ideas on investment. But even though it’s been so long, I still have difficulty telling them what Bitcoin is. This event has become a topic that is strongly opposed by parents or a comparison of their own time. We acknowledge that the agenda is an overly busy subject, but you can not expect to find out the potential of every bitch that you are talking about.

Well, what should we do to make this matter clear?

First Stage: This is a money but digital version

When describing Bitcoin, do not use jargon such as ‘crypto money’ or ‘blockchain’. Describe them in such a way that they can connect through the terms they know. One thing we do not know is that trying to learn through a topic or concept that we do not know is more difficult than ditching a moat.

Walk through money or stocks we know. Explain to them that Bitcoin is no different from a normal charge, that it is a shopping car. Also indicate that you are experiencing value increase or loss based on supply and demand, such as foreign currency or stocks. Bitcoin does not get a contribution like a stock.

Step Two: Simulate the mine

We have come to such a stage that you may encounter questions such as “Where is Bitcoin taken?” Or “How much Bitcoin is in your pocket?” We think they will understand what digital money is. It will only help you to use the term “digital money”, even if it is just for analogy. You can also simulate an ATM money card or a month-end salary directly into the account. When you tell us that there is no visible and visible money; I will bet that they will understand very well that they have spent the money without ever taking the money while the account is about the moment of transferring the home owner’s money to the pocket or invoicing.

You can explain what they can get from a mine. Just like gold mining, expensive and big tools are needed and in spite of great effort, very little precious metal goes through, which is exactly what Bitcoin mining is. Sometimes, even though you work for days, nothing happens to your hand.

Third Stage: Where they can use

There is something we think your mother will be very excited about! Tell your mother to imagine it’s 1 Bitcoin. Now that 1 Bitcoin is 40,000 TL … Who does not want to spend such a money … You can practically demonstrate how to use it by shopping on a site that accepts digital payments in a few minutes, since you will not be charged any deduction or transaction fee for spending anyway. Your father tells you how many people have bought Bitcoin for investment purposes. Even if you hear that the figures, which are 10,000 TL in a year, have risen to 70,000, it will also increase the tension.

You see, telling a new technology to the community is not an easy task. However, if you apply these items step by step, they will also understand how Bitcoin works. Some may even think about investing as they see the difficulties in traditional methods.

But you are still trying all these methods and do not wait too long to change their way of seeing the world and bring innovation to their lives so that you can succeed.

Source: Cointelegraph
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