Exclusive Interview with Streamity Team

Exclusive Interview with Streamity Team

Streamity Stock Exchange aims to eliminate problems related to all transactions in the current crypto money market and provide quality services to its users. Below is the interview with Streamity team. Detailed information about the stock market our article You can access.

Are you talking about the Streamity project?

Exclusive Interview with Streamity TeamStreamity offers a crypto money market platform that provides a wide range of financial services to its users. These services also include the platform StreamDesk, which performs the functions of BlockChain. This platform will soon be available on smartphones. Stream Desk offers users the possibility to change crypto currency safely with nominal currency. The commission rate applied during this process is rather low. The Streamity platform will also provide information, analysis and training resources for users.

Everyone on the platform will be able to talk about each resource for up to 40 minutes and contribute to the platform. One of the most important questions that people lead us is: What is the feature that distinguishes you from similar portals? We want to respond to this: Our portal has a unique feature due to its STM token. STM tokens bring together all the services offered within the platform, and the revenue of token remains within the system. Users can get this token on the first day of the upcoming ICO and benefit from low commissioning services offered by STM and StreamDesk platform. In addition, users can purchase various subscriber packages offered on the platform via STM tokens. For example, using a user token, an automatic transaction bot, a closed social network for users, a statistical table with large-scale functionality, and so on. It is also possible for users to earn STM tokens by completing certain tasks. These tasks include writing articles or reviews, and being popular in the social network of users. Let’s talk about StreamDesk, which is our main service.

Is the StreamDesk stock exchange platform mostly serving for crypto or nominal money? What exactly will the application be used for?

StreamDesk will be a stock exchange that runs both the crypto-crypto pair and the nominal para-crypto pair. The application will also be used exactly in this direction.

When will the beta release of the Patch platform begin?

We will launch a beta version of the platform in the near future. All teams streamdesk is trying to get the application to move to the market as soon as possible. Most of the technical work carried out in this direction and the intelligent contract of the project have been completed and subsequently published in Github. Finally, the process of integrating this intelligent contract into the service offered remained. Our team has successfully completed several operations. You will be able to look closely at the service we will offer soon!

Streamity how will this ensure the security of the network? Are you talking about your work on the security protocol?

We have completed the necessary work to protect the entire platform infrastructure. On this page, we will be able to work with applications, web services and databases. We have pledged all security measures to contribute to the safety of the system. Of course, these measures include elements such as cryptographic keys, firewalls, hidden networks and isolation.

You have powerful competitors such as LocalBitcoin or Changelly who continue their activities in the market. How will Streamity compete with these competitors? Do you have a unique feature that makes you attractive?

Exclusive Interview with Streamity TeamUnlike our peers STREAMITY we have the ability to be the first platform to perform companion transactions using intelligent contracts. Intelligent contracts provide extra security to the crypto money market during the approval of users on the platform. In addition, fair crypto money prices offered by the STREAMITY platform will provide quality experiences for users. The rates for the prices of crypto money will be calculated in real time and the average prices will be adjusted based on the prices on major crypto money exchanges.

That’s why STREAMITY users can easily and reliably buy and sell crypt money at fair prices. With the services provided by the STREAMITY stock exchange, users will be able to enter the world of crypto money investment smoothly. We also anticipate that most STREAMITY customers will be active users who make online payments. While these users are accustomed to online payments in the crypto money market, they deserve a better quality and secure payment service. As the crypto money market grows, services offered by platforms like STREAMITY are expected to address the needs of future generations.

An expression mentioned in the project whitepaper attracts attention. Accordingly, a number of privileges will be presented to the 1250 STM owner. What exactly are these privileges about?

The 1250 STM corresponds to 250 dolars. Users with this amount can access the platinum paket. With this package you will not pay commissions for converting crypto bills worth less than $ 100,000. We also offer other packages. On the 20th page of Whitepaper, you can find these packages in detail.

I think that the most popular question of recent times is: “How can we deposit money on the stock exchange to get crypto money?” Does your platform have credit card services that allow this situation? How will we lend our money to the stock market? Are the transaction fees we will pay when doing this as high as on platforms like PayPal?

As a matter of fact, this is one of the advantages our service offers. StreamDesk draws attention as a completely decentralized platform. This means that we will not be able to access our users’ wallets and the transactions are absolutely secure. This is really important! They work with credit card payment systems. You will have to pay a fee when transferring plat- form money through payment systems, but the total commission from you will be much less than commissions on existing platforms on the market.

Are you talking about the partnerships you already have?

At the moment we have agreements with European payment systems such as OkPay and Yandex. We have to deal with each payment system and integrate them into our system. We can not add payment systems to our platform without getting permission from our peers like they do.

In what countries will the platform operate?

We are able to reach certain markets and we will be collecting completely. We have raised $ 2.8 million in pre-sales activity. This means that the project will be active in European and Asian markets. In fact, we designed our project as a worldwide project.

For what purposes do you use the funds you collect during ICO?

whitepaper we explained in detail how to use the funds collected in the file. also web page there is a financial model published on it.

What is the use value of STM tokens? Will it be used on STM Streamity platforms but will be listed on other stock markets? Is there anything the team can do to make the STM token’s price constant?

I mentioned the advantages of STM tokens in the answer to the first problem. In addition, I would like to state that STM tokens can be purchased on the StreamDesk platform and sent to other stock exchange.

Finally, I would like to touch on the various issues mentioned in whitepaper. From market evaluation to Streamity training center, many topics are explained in whitepaper. What is the focal point of Peki Streamity team? Being a crypto information center is a very challenging job. How will Streamity compete with its competitors? And are you talking about the training center that some of the platform users are offering?

Streamity the team focused primarily on launching the StreamDesk platform. It is of great importance for us to launch the platform before the token is processed in stock markets. It is our main goal to develop StreamDesk platform to be sufficient. On the other hand, we continue our activities for other Streamity services and all other departments. These parts are also very important for us. Because every new service we will market will strengthen STM tokens.

The platform we will present within the platform will be a knowledge base. Users will be able to share content for other users and earn STM tokens in exchange for this user. We aim to reach a great deal of content over a short period of time. There will also be an online training section on crypto money transactions, blockchain technology and smart contract writing. With these courses you will have a deep understanding of technology.

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