Everything about digital currency WCX, scam or Bitcoin rival?


Almost two months ago, WCX digital link subscriptions have been advertised on various social sites and networks, including Telegram and Instagram. So we need to investigate about it before making any investment.

What is WCX currency?

According to WCX, the developer and developer team, their goal is to set up a digital currency exchange dealer, which pledged much less than its competitors. (One Tenth)

According to the whitepaper posted on ico.wcex.co, the ultimate goal of the currency is “to become the world’s largest digital currency exchange online dealer”

Meanwhile, the team is set to launch the initial sale (ICO) of the WCX Token. According to the announcement on their site, December this year, the new WCX Tokens will begin selling.

Also, before the initial sale begins, each person will receive 50 WCX Tokens for free on registration for the site. And in the same way, you will receive 50 more free for each person who subscribes to your subscription link (referral link).

Everything about digital currency WCX, scam or Bitcoin rival?

Unfortunately, the promise of “free money” has been harnessing a lot of fake ads around this site. And users have either widespread publicity to attract more subscribers. Due to the fact that the number of professional investors is very low and are often sought to attract quick profit and sales of tokens obtained, it can be continued Working with this digital currency is a little more careful.

According to the site, now every WCXT aka WCX token is about $ 0.10! Which should be seen after the official release will remain the same!

Everything about digital currency WCX, scam or Bitcoin rival?

What is the application of the WCX project? Have you come up with a reliable product?

On October 11 this year, the team’s official account on the Twitter site announced the launch of the WCX currency exchange.

However, after review, we found that the announced exchange is a simple API call from the tradingview site. And when we started registering on the site, we encountered the message “The registration number for this week has been completed.”

This is when they posted something else on Twitter. So their product was nothing but a live preview from another site that anyone could run.

Suspicious Traffic:

Based on SimilarWeb and Alexa, more traffic and site visits from countries such as Iran, Vietnam, Russia, and Ukraine.

Everything about digital currency WCX, scam or Bitcoin rival?

Everything about digital currency WCX, scam or Bitcoin rival?

While other ICOs, such as WANCHAIN, have a completely different visit point

What does the whitepaper report tell you?

There is almost nothing to say about the performance report on this site. In this so-called Performance Report (WhitePiper), they have defined and praised their collection rather than explaining the purpose and function of the collection.

No technical information is available about their future goals and projects.

One of the paragraphs reads:
“The amounts collected in ico will be used in these areas: R & D, Recruitment of Best Software Developers, Security, Best Marketers and Best Support Team”.

Such statements are not performance reports. And more like a promise!

Also, the developer team is totally anonymous and no information is available. They claim that the members of a set of former employees of Apple, Deutsche Bank and IBM have not been proven. The only one from John Reyes, one of the posts of the bitcointalk forum, is Fran Strajnar (owner of the site Bravenewcoin.com).

Compete with Bitcoin?

One of the most funny features of the WCX digital currency is the competition with Bitcoin. Unfortunately, many sites and individuals who do not have much information about the world of digital currencies have made great publicity in this regard. This currency even if it is not a scam! Based on Ethereum, which is by no means competing with Bitcoin.

Why is Free Token one of the reasons for our lack of trust?

The reason is quite clear. Oddly enough, people who sign up for this system are solely looking for free money, then selling it fast and saying goodbye to the system. This is as simple as a simple query that many of them lack the most basic information and knowledge about digital currencies or even the application of the project.

In other words, even though it’s worth $ 0.1 worth of token, which is very unlikely! After the official release, there will be a lot of free token sales, and the price will fall sharply.

Previously, we saw 99 percent of the tokens that delivered free, declined after the official offering, to a tenth or even a hundredth of the initial value announced.

The final result, is WCX Scam?

It is too early to judge! But now, with the evidence given above, such as: lack of specific performance reports, exaggerated promises, free promotional tokens, visitors from less developed countries, closing the official WCX thread in bitcointalk and the development team’s anonymity, It can be seen that this project is a sign of advertising and seeking profit.

Therefore, according to general evidence, WCX’s digital currency project has many indications of skepticism.

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