Ethereum’s Russian founder, Vitalik Buterin

Lately he has been taking a new method of fraud, especially on Twitter, and he is going to be successful, and even successful. The method is simple and … A profile mimicking a new tweet under a famous name claims that they will transfer a certain amount of adrese crypto money from the users and send a lot more of the transferred crypto money as a gift.

For example, in the past days, a fake Elon Musk profile has collected 40 ethers worth about $ 35,000 in 10 hours, suggesting that the Ether that is sent under the Elon Musk tweet will give 10 times more as a gift. Of course, he did not send anything to anyone.

Ethereum's Russian founder, Vitalik Buterin

These fraudulent professors conducting fraudulent activity under the “Gift ETH” Vitalik Buterin It looks like she ‘s been harassed now.

Such that I Ethereum The Russian founder responded to a tweet he had shared before, “Reminder: Anyone who claims to give ETH in response to this tweet is a fraud. BTC, BCH, DOGE or Wild Beast Block … None of you can get anything. ” He did not get enough of it and shared a third tweet that included “No, I do not give the gift ETH.” Also, Buterin wrote the phrase “No, I do not give the gift ETH” to the name section of his Twitter account.

Ethereum's Russian founder, Vitalik Buterin

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