EMUI 9.0, faster, smarter and more human


The layers or interfaces of manufacturers are a constant since the appearance of Android. It is, as we all know, to give a differential or special touch to the phone in question. An interesting way of not being common with the consumer. Under this prism, the binomial Honor / Huawei has been evolving EMIU , which in this latest evolution reaches the ninth version. This new version will see the light with the arrival of the new Huawei Mate and it is expected that Honor will release it soon in its new high-end model that we will see in a few months in the market.

EMUI 9.0, faster, smarter and more human

Faster and with GPU Turbo 2

Among the innovations of EMIU 9.0 is its speed and agility of operation. According to the firm, it is almost 13% faster than the previous version in general terms, to which 10% less options are added in order to make it easier, especially when making adjustments. This means that operations such as opening an application are now more agile. In the case of Spotify or Instagram, an improvement in its operating speed of 11 and 12% is set, respectively.

EMUI 9.0, faster, smarter and more human

If we test with Amazon, the improvement is nothing more and nothing less than 16%. Another of the substantial improvements, for us without a doubt that one of the most important, is the GPU Turbo 2 . This is the latest version of the accelerator for games that has been a revolution among users, not only for its performance, but for how it treats the autonomy of the battery, something key when we talk about video games.

In tests that have been made with GPU Turbo 2 and Kirin 980 , the new processor of the firm, you get a drop in consumption in game mode of up to 10%. Also in general terms Turbo GPU 2 is 36% faster in tactile response.

EMUI 9.0, faster, smarter and more human

HiVision, smartest camera

On the subject of the EMIU 9.0 camera, it incorporates HiVision, a very important advance. Thanks to HiVision, the camera detects landmarks or famous paintings thanks to the augmented reality capabilities. In this way with only focus the camera, the mobile already gives us information automatically about what “is seeing”.

EMUI 9.0, faster, smarter and more human

Out of the camera and following with the improvements of EMIU 9.0 is Password Vault. A security system to store your passwords, only to be able to access them through facial recognition or fingerprints. Digital Balance is another important improvement. Basically what it does is a monitoring of the terminal as well as the apps to inform the user of what consumption does each of the parts of the terminal.

More effective gestures

The gestural theme has also received improvements being now possible to the right, left of the web or applications in a simple way. We also have the gesture option by sliding from the bottom of the screen to the top to go to the home or access the multitasking options of the phone.

Out of the pure features improves the use with one hand. Also the funds and themes of the terminal are better integrated with all the call interfaces and so on. In addition, a harmonization of the iconographies has been made to access the different options. In passing the number of options have been reduced to make the set up of EMUI easier and faster. If before there were 940 options, we speak of EMUI 8, in EMUI 9.0 they become 843, that is, 10% less. Now the screen options are all adjusted in a single menu, without the need to enter several sub-screens. Something similar happens with the clock, which now goes from being analog to digital with a slight touch on it.

EMUI 9.0, faster, smarter and more human

History and future

EMIU or Emotion Interface User has almost doubled its use in just two years. If in 2016 there were 190 million users, today no less than 350 use EMUI on a daily basis. In total more than 200 countries around the world have users of this customization layer. Hence the importance it has not only for the firm when making improvements or updates. It all started in 2007 with the first version that with the passage of time has been incorporating the improvements of the smartphone industry. If in 2004 he incorporated the screen capture through the knuckle, in 2005 he already integrated professional controls in the mobile camera. No doubt that an important step.

The following year the improvement of the cameras was evident when incorporating the technology of Leica, one of the German brands with more pedigree. In more recent times it is obvious that everything related to Artificial Intelligence, multilent cameras and lastly GPU Turbo 2.0 have placed EMUI 9.0 as one of the most advanced layers of personalization. Looking to the immediate future, it is worth mentioning that EMUI 9.0 is currently taking its first steps, so that soon Honor 10, Honor Play, Honor View10 will receive this new version. An improvement that will be appreciated by the users of these smartphones.

Now EMUI 9.0 is in the process of Beta Test in Europe, the official version will be available soon in the mobiles of Honor: Honor 10, Honor Play, Honor View10 … It’s worth waiting for!

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