Emojis, Tetris and Twitter: this is how the addictive game Emojitetra works

Emojis, Tetris and Twitter: this is how the addictive game Emojitetra works

In a world in which the word bot has been associated with bad practices – for obvious reasons – there are still developers who are still betting on innovation and taking advantage of the benefits offered by the Internet to do something different. This is the case of Emojitetra , a Twitter bot that, in a few words, is a Tetris that everyone can play by choosing which will be the next movement through surveys .

The game, which you can play from the tweet inserted under these lines, has been developed by Jow Sondow with the help of Bradley Momberger and Stefan Bohacek. Every 20 minutes , the bot publishes a tweet with the current position of the game, the chip that has fallen or the current situation of the game, and the players must decide if they rotate it, move it to the left or right or if the slide down. Each Twitter user votes for an alternative , and the option that has more votes will be the one that the bot executes.

The really interesting thing, beyond the technology behind its operation, is that users can discuss in the tweet responses about what the next move should be and why. For now, the highest score that has been recorded is 41,275 points . At the time these lines are written, the game goes by 1,800 and still has much ahead. If you want to know how to play, how to get points and the rest of the instructions, you can do it from the project file on” .>

It’s not the first project of its kind that Jow Sondow gets into. In February 2017 he created a bot called Emoji Aquarium that, using the emojis, tweeted -and tweeted- the representation of an aquarium. On the same date, he released Emoji Meadow , which does the same but simulates a garden. You can see a couple of examples right here below.


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