Emin Gün Sirer: Bitcoin is shaking now

Crypto money and the Blockcha one of the world’s most respected names in the field of Turkish computer scientist and Cornell University professor Emin Gün Sirer, Discord channel Squanch Was a guest.

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Emin Gün Sirer: Bitcoin is shaking now

Crypto money, Bitcoin and Sirer, who responded to the curious questions in the Blockchain framework, started by introducing himself:

“I was born and raised in Istanbul in the 1970s. After primary school, I entered Robert College. I applied to the US and got a scholarship from Princeton University. I stayed there 4 years, then I went to Washington University. I’ve done both masters and doctors there. Then I spent some time in San Francisco with startups. I passed from there to Cornell. I’ve been practicing at Cornell for 18 years. ”

‘We were the one who used a virtual money from Satoshi 5-6 years ago,

“We were the one who put Satoshi’s proof of work into a virtual currency 5-6 years ago. Of course, the September 11 attacks were carried out at that time and it was not a very good period, so there was not much interest. When Satoshi came, he did a very clever few things. There are libertarian groups in America. These are people out of the bank system because of various reasons. They refuse to use money because of philosophical reasons. They use gold leaf among themselves. Satoshi went to those groups through Gavin Andersen and gave them presentations. They also jumped on such an event and then Bitcoin grew. I have found the biggest protocol error in Bitcoin in my time. It was a fundamental mistake. We both found that error and figured out how to fix it in some mediums. Then I worked on security, coin security. We worked on scaling. I was one of those people who was in the bitcoin and crypto money world too early. ”

‘We are all at the very beginning yet, a lot of money will flow to this area’

“We are in a very interesting field … Economy, computer, game theorem, an area that brings together all of these. I think we’re still very early. There will be a lot of money and lots of money will flow in this area. Everyone has room. Whatever the Internet is in the 1970s, this is the crypto money. At the moment we seem like a little bit of digging. We go through a very exciting and interesting period. I am so excited, too. I’m ready to do my best for the growth of this sector in Turkey. ”

‘Bitcoin is shaking now’

“As you know, Bitcoin emerged with a vision. Then new friends started adding to Bitcoin’s core group. These people have to make money in some way, they do not have to work for years for free. There was a contradiction and the core group had a political confusion within itself. During that turmoil, one of the most important developers on Bitcoin lost Gavin Andersen. Frankly, the pushers kicked him out of the band. The vision they have drawn on this was not to develop Bitcoin, but to acquire a second source of funds that they could also benefit. Now that you know what Bitcoin’s vision is, Bitcoin is swaying for me. But this is not particularly known among Turkish users.

Emin Gün Sirer: Bitcoin is shaking now

‘Security of the Lightning Network will be catastrophic’

“Bitcoin is an ace, it stopped developing. The saying is so intricate that it is not consistent in itself and it is self-limiting between its inconsistencies. They want to increase the burden on the miners, why they want it, just because of what I said. They’re looking for a second source of money. Where do we end up at the end of this? Lightning Network … It’s like a Lightning Network transfer system. It’s a wise thing, but the question is where this system will go and what security it will have. It will be an unsafe system. Security will be catastrophic, everyone’s money will be stolen. It’s like entrusting all that capital to the municipality. It is not possible for a normal user to use Lightning. ”

‘Bitcoin Cash is closer to Satoshi’s vision’

“Bitcoin fell from the high position that I was looking at. Not just in my eyes, but also in the eyes of the market. The market dominance dropped from 90 percent to 30 percent. In the meantime, as you know, Bitcoin Cash is a new coin. Bitcoin Cash is a coin closer to Satoshi’s vision. It is a system that is clearer, precise and understandable. The other is made up of people who go after Greg Maxwell. Greg Maxwell and his friends’ vision do not give me confidence. ”

‘Bitcoin, a system that falls under my eyes’

“Clearly speaking … We are facing a scale problem in Bitcoin. Venezuela today can shop in Bitcoin every 36 days in Venezuela. Is it possible to reach the vision of Satoshi with such a system? Funny. It’s wrong to push Bitcoin into a value deposit. Why is not Litecoin if Bitcoin is a value deposit? Other crypto money is at least as valuable as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is going up 30 percent, down 50 percent. In a normal ecosystem it would be wrong to call it a value store. That’s why Bitcoin is a system in my eyes. I would advise people to look at any other coin. ”

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