Emeet M2, analysis of the Bluetooth speaker with artificial intelligence

Nowadays, when we go to buy a mobile phone, we mainly look at aspects such as the capacity of its memories, the size of its screen or the performance of its processor. Thus, we almost never take into account more secondary characteristics , as your speaker. What happens if our flagship has a low-end speaker?

Emeet, fortunately, has let us try out his new speaker, the Emeet M2. Designed for meetings, it is a basic speaker, circular and with particular functionalities that we have been able to try in the first person.

First impressions

Accustomed to rectangular speakers, one of the first characteristics that strikes us is its circular body. We see that it uses its entire surface as a speaker , while on the sides we find the microphones and their connectors.

When turning it on, we notice a detail that is imperceptible if the device is off: it has a light around the diameter of the speaker that makes your use experience much more attractive . We also inevitably hear its first sounds, characteristic of similar Chinese-range devices.

Characteristics and technical specifications

Al Emeet M2 the adjective “complete” comes as a ring to the finger. In other words, it does not stand out especially in any of its sections, but try to take care of them all . You can see it below:

Emeet M2
Dimensions 125 x 125 x 35 mm
Weight 300 grams
Battery 2,500 mAh
Others Bluetooth 4.2, about 20 meters of coverage
Response frequency 20Hz ~ 20KHz (± 1 dB)
Microphone sensitivity -26 dBFS
Mic response frequency 100Hz ~ 8KHz

Said speaker It has two different modes of use . The first is using the Bluetooth technology between your mobile or any other device with the speaker. The second one, is using his 3.5 mm jack cable connecting the device with the speaker. Luckily, the cable is included. Additionally, we can use the Emeet M2 with another speaker simultaneously thanks to the 3.5 output jack.

Emeet M2, analysis of the Bluetooth speaker with artificial intelligence

The device has 7 keys in the form of a carousel:

  • Microphone : located in the central part, manages the speaker microphone. Basically, when we press it, we will “mute” or start a recording.

  • On / off button : located at the bottom, we must keep it pressed for 3 seconds to turn on or off the device.

  • Volume keys : to the left and right of the on / off button, they allow to regulate the intensity of the output sound. The light of the speaker decreases according to the volume, an animation very well found.

  • Call button : Allows you to accept or terminate an incoming call

  • Virtual assistant button : allows interaction with the virtual assistant of the device

  • Button of input : allows you to change the speaker’s input source.

In the lateral body of the device we find the mini-USB connector and the 3,5 mm input and output jack. Instead of being out in the open, They have a protective plastic It prevents the entry of any dangerous agent to the speaker.

Meetings and conferences

The Emeet M2 has the mission of keeping all the members of a meeting connected. To do so, it mainly has 4 microphones that are capable of detect sound up to approximately 8 meters away , In any direction. Ideally, it is capable of supporting 12 different people, but we can expand that number by linking more synchronized speakers together.

Emeet M2, analysis of the Bluetooth speaker with artificial intelligence


In this section, perhaps the most important for a speaker, Emeet has opted for an algorithm called VoiceIA , which provides a clear sound and high definition thanks to the elimination of noise, whatever the environment.

Personally, I have tried it both indoors and outdoors, environments with noise and without noise, and the truth is that in most cases I have not had any problems adjust the volume to the necessary extent . Nor has he had any trouble recording my voice properly.


A speaker of this type must be able to adapt to any situation, so I have tried it with a PC (Windows 10 and 7), with Mac OS and with Android, 8.0 and 9.0. It looks like, It has also been optimized to work with popular conference applications , such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, WebEx and Goto Meeting.


Emeet M2, analysis of the Bluetooth speaker with artificial intelligence

I would define the Emeet M2 as a modest and multipurpose speaker. On the one hand, it is a speaker designed for meetings, that is, it is capable of being the communications center of a table without any difficulty. On the other hand, it also serves as a conventional speaker , a speaker for our mobile that we can take to any type of situation.

Additionally, it has all the “extras” details that we would ask a speaker of this type: Interaction with Google Assistant (or any other type of virtual assistant), button for changing the input source, receiving calls, volume keys and finally the microphone key.


Today there are many Bluetooth speakers, especially Chinese. If we stay with those that are thought for meetings, we reduce the list very much. If now we add that it is light, simple and that it is capable of working with more speakers , we only have the Emeet M2.

You can currently find it on Amazon for 180 euros , a fair price if we are going to use it for conferences and others but a little high if we only want it for our leisure. For more information, contact, and details about Emeet and its M2,.

Emeet M2 Emeet M2, analysis of the Bluetooth speaker with artificial intelligence € 179.99 TO BUY
RRP € 179.99

Positive points

  • Its simplicity of use

  • Its versatility

  • The power to take it anywhere (light)

  • The device-user interaction with the LEDs around the loudspeaker (animations when switching off, when the battery is low, etc.)

Bad points

  • The tactile system with which we press its different keys. We do not have feedback that the action has been carried out or not.

  • The lack of a combination of buttons to pass song from the speaker

  • The music or any audio that is playing is minimized when you press any key, since they emit sound

What do you think about this funny speaker? Will you give him a chance?


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