Economical alternative to the Samsung Dex dock for the Galaxy S8


Turn your Galaxy S8 into a PC? It sounds good, right? That’s what Samsung announced last year thanks to the Samsung DeX base. Today, users interested in this accessory have the option of acquiring a cheaper alternative thanks to Mellowpow products.

One of the innovations that came last year with the Samsung Galaxy S8 was Samsung DeX. This was a dock or accessory that was connected to input peripherals and a monitor to convert the smartphone into a PC. However, today it is possible to buy third-party accessories that allow emulating the function performed by Samsung DeX.

An alternative Samsung DeX

It is not as sophisticated or has a design line as the official Samsung accessory offers, but the Mellowpow dock promises to perform the Samsung DeX function for a price three times lower. Economical alternative to the Samsung Dex dock for the Galaxy S8

The same, as they portray the images, has a patch cord with a USB-C cable to connect the Samsung smartphone. At the other end, a small box has a USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4 and USB-C connection as a charging port. In contrast, as we indicated earlier, the accessory does not offer a design or support solutions as broad as Samsung DeX. It also does not include a fan as cooling system to dissipate the heat released by the Galaxy S8 in tasks of maximum performance.


However, we must not lose sight of the price marked on Amazon for this accessory, which is set at just 25 euros.

Also for Nintendo Switch and MacBook

In addition to being compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8, Amazon also lets us see through the product description that this dock also supports the latest Nintendo handheld console, as well as Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro 2016 and 2017. One way cost of moving the image of the small screen to a larger monitor or TV. Economical alternative to the Samsung Dex dock for the Galaxy S8

Samsung DeX at Amazon

For those who do not want to resort to alternatives, Amazon also has the Samsung DeX base for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The same, the official, is for sale at a price of just 78 euros, without additional charger. The model with charger can be purchased at a price of 87 euros.


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