Drop test of the Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X


Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone X ? This is the one million question. And it is that both terminals have an exquisite design, a performance at the height of the best and a complete software and that differentiates them from their competitors. But which is more resistant? For this we bring you a complete drop test of Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X . Who will win?

Couple making this fall test between the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X Three different types of collision will be made: impact with the screen facing up, side impact and the most important test, impact with the screen facing down. Which of the two terminals will work best, the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X?

In test of fall of the Samsung Galaxy S9 confirms its resistance

We begin with the fall with the screen up . In this case, after dropping the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 some height we find a very different result. In this case the back of the current Samsung flagship suffers a much more noticeable damage than seen in the battle horse of Samsung. So, is the iPhone X more resistant than the Samsung Galaxy S9? Nothing is further from reality.

To start the iPhone X camera It stands out remarkably in the back part of the terminal, which causes the fall to be the element that absorbs more the impact. In this way, although both devices have a body made of aluminum and crystal l The damage suffered by the Samsung Galaxy S9 in this fall test is bigger but it is simply because of the bulge of the camera of its rival. Let’s go to the second test.

Drop test of the Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

In this case, within the drop test of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X, it will impact the side of both terminals against the ground. The result? The two models suffer slight damage , although they are hardly noticeable, especially in the Galaxy S9 that absorbs the impact better.

Finally we have the part of this fall test between the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X which we consider more important: with the screen down. And here we do notice great differences.

As you will have seen , the Samsung Galaxy S9 suffers much less damage in front of the iPhone X where we can find some scratches on your screen. And, considering that this fall is the one that can most worry users, it is clear that the equipment made by the Samsung design team has been excellent because the Samsung Galaxy S9 is more resistant than the iPhone X.

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