Dragon Ball Legends gameplay, the new Dragon Ball game for mobile


Now what Dragon Ball Super faces its final stretch, and with Dragon Ball FigtherZ giving war in consoles (never better said), we just know the existence of a New Dragon Ball game for Android and iOS . The title in question is called Dragon Ball Legends and we have already seen it working.

As much as we grow up, we will never tire of enjoying the adventures that come out of Akira Toriyama’s mind. In Japan the series is more alive than ever, which is why Bandai Namco has announced Dragon Ball Legends , a new game of Dragon Ball for mobile , a title that offers fights between players in real time.

At the same time that the firm announced the new fighting game for Android and iOS, it showed a Dragon Ball Legends gameplay that allows us to have a closer idea of ​​what we are going to find in the new Bandai Namco project for smartphones.

Dragon Ball Legends

The company announced the game during a Google presentation at the Game Developers Conference. It was during the event that the PvP capabilities of the title were shown, since a game was played between one of the producers of the game located in San Francisco and another employee of Bandai Namco located in Japan. In this way the firm wants to influence the multiplayer component of Dragon Ball Legends .

Apparently, the Dragon Ball game for mobile It is very similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ , the other game based on manga released to the market just a few weeks ago. Dragon Ball Legends allows two players to fight each other using up to three Dragon Ball characters. During the Dragon Ball Legends gameplay we have seen characters from the series as recognizable as Goku, Piccolo or Frieza.

Dragon Ball Legends gameplay, the new Dragon Ball game for mobile

The difference comes when fighting, because this game must be overcome by using cards, in the purest style Clash Royale . Not much has yet been explained about the operation of the game, but we know that the cards allow different attacks to be executed and their synchronized use by clicking on several of them will allow combos.

For now there is no exit date for this new Dragon Ball game for mobile , but hopefully it will reach Google Play Store and App Store before next summer.

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