Download these free Android games for payment to spend the afternoon


One more week we review the best Android games that are usually paid, but now we can download completely free, but for a limited time. As usual, we stop to learn more about these games, which offer us different game mechanics, through different genres, some as popular as the RPG, a classic among free Android games .

Yesterday we brought you just ten games that we can install on our Android phone without fear of reducing the memory of our phones too much, since they take up very little space, being ideal for mobile with 8GB or 16GB of storage.

Free Android games, Hitman Sniper

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular games for our mobile, in the Google store is the most downloaded, and all for the excellent dose of action offered by agent 47. In this case we must be precise as snipers, and comply with our orders, being the best after the focus. A first-person shooter , which is the best we can find on Google Play.

Download these free Android games for payment to spend the afternoon

Download Hitman Sniper

The Enigma of Blackthorn Castle

If you like the old-fashioned graphic adventures, like those of the 90s, similar to the great Myst, this game is definitely for you. In the explore the Blackthorn Castle , a forgotten building of the fourteenth century. Here as you can imagine, wit is our best ally to solve all the problems in the form of a puzzle that will come our way.

Download these free Android games for payment to spend the afternoon

Download the Enigma of Blackthorn Castle

Dr. Panda Hospital

One of the most casual games of this week, and in which we must help Dr. Panda to take care of the animals of his own hospital, so we will put ourselves in the shoes of a veterinarian. It is one of those games in which we must operate and heal the animals, being precise with our fingers.

Download Dr. Panda Hospital

Labyrinth Game

If you like puzzles and labyrinths, this is definitely your game. In it we can enjoy up to 65 levels of variable and gradual difficulty . Besides being free, we do not have to put up with advertising, which is a big point in their favor. It is the typical game in which we must guide the ball on the right path by tilting our phone as if it were sliding on its screen.

Download Labyrinth Game

Shadow Blade

The last game this week is full of action. In this game we incarnate a Ninja , and to be able to advance through his levels we will have to control different Ninja movements to slice with ease everything that appears in our path. It is a fun platform game that is also compatible with bluetooth controls. to play even more comfortably and arcade.

Download Shadow Blade

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