Doctors warn, the heart control of the Apple Watch 4 may not be good

Doctors warn, the heart control of the Apple Watch 4 may not be good

Our health is important, we all know it and we care about it. It could not be otherwise. However, we have reached a point where we are too aware of everything that happens in our body , and that is not good either. Probably because of the easy access we have to an immense amount of information, we are more aware of a multitude of problems and we are much more attentive to them.

To calm the concern of many, or to feed it, new technologies help us to know some of the variables of our organism. The heart rate sensors that we can see in many wearables are an example. Who would not want to spend all day hanging on the rhythm of his heart? It makes sense in a sporting context, but what about it?

Constant control can be harmful

This new Watch Series 4 will collect information about your heart rate throughout the day, so you can consult it at any time. In addition, and here is the important thing, it will warn you when it detects that your pulsations ascend or descend to an unusual level .

Doctors warn, the heart control of the Apple Watch 4 may not be good

From” we can know the opinion of a doctor about it. john mandrola is an expert in everything that concerns our heart and works at health hospital> in Louisville. He has a very concrete opinion about this new function and believes that it is not beneficial at all .

As a heart doctor, my opinion is that if you think an Apple Watch is nifty, buy one. But do not buy it for your health.

“If you think the Apple Watch is ingenious, buy it, but do not do it for your health”. Mandrola refers to the many false positives that could come thanks to Apple wearable . Millions of users constantly monitoring their heart rate can be translated into hundreds of thousands of visits to the doctor caused by errors of measurement or specific circumstances.

Also, it makes a lot of sense, it can not be good to be constantly aware of the rhythm of our heart, however important it may be. Can diseases be detected prematurely? Yes, it is possible, but we must find the middle ground between attention and constant concern .

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