Do you use WhatsApp a lot? Make it the first option when sharing on Android


One of the most used applications when it comes to content sharing is WhatsApp , the messaging development that most users use all over the world. Well, if you want to make this process easier and faster, we tell you how to get it in the Android operating system .

Certainly it is not especially complicated to share all types of content on Android, especially multimedia such as videos or images. But if you are one of those who use , surely you want the icon of this development to be the first one seen in the corresponding menu to optimize the process of sending something with the phone or tablet with work from the companies of Mountain View Well, this can be achieved with what is called “pineado”.

And, one of the virtues of doing this is that you do not need the installation of any additional application, since the operating system of Google offers everything you need to get it – and you will see that in a few seconds you get WhatsApp always to the first possibility that you see when sharing something, regardless of the development from which you want to do this. A good possibility of Android, there is no doubt.

Do you use WhatsApp a lot? Make it the first option when sharing on Android

Steps for WhatsApp to be the first option when sharing on Android

What you have to do to get “pine” or set the WhatsApp icon so that it is the one you always see in the first place -when you open the Share menu in the terminals with Android operating system- is the following:

  • Open the application from which you want to . An example is an application from the Play Store (it is an excellent test platform)
  • Now select the content and, then, run Share in the development usual way. As always, you will see in the lower part a list with the icons of the applications to which you can send your choice, among which is WhatsApp
  • Now, simply what you have to do is press continuously on the icon of the messaging application until a new floating window appears in which you must choose Set
  • Done this, you will have finished and you will verify that whenever you share something in your Android with WhatsApp this is the first option that you will see in the menu and you will be able to automate the action

As you can see everything is very simple, and if you want the WhatsApp icon is not the first you see, you must take the same steps but in the floating window the option called Do not fix , which is what you should use. The fact is that this option offered by Android, is very easy to execute and, best of all, it is really very effective.

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